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TrueConf is a developer of video conferencing software for enterprise communications. Our primary goal is to enhance the efficiency of business processes in your company with high-quality and safe video communications. You and your colleagues will always be in touch in any branch office of your company and on the go.

More Than Video Conferencing

Video conferencing is a session of communication between two users or group of users during which the participants can hear and see each other according to the rules defined by the video conference mode (Video Call, Multipoint Conference, Video Lecture, Virtual Meeting). We guarantee high-quality video communications even on unstable channels.

Improve the efficiency of your communication using Instant Messaging, Video Conference Recording and Content Sharing by showing your desktop and separate application windows.

TrueConf video conferencing will allow you to significantly reduce operational costs, save time on business trips and accelerate your decision making process.

More Than Software

  • Fast and easy set up. Deploy your enterprise video conferencing system in only 15 minutes in local network or in the cloud. Everything is very easy, but should you need any assistance we will be happy to help you.
  • Bring Your Own Device. Video conferencing will be always ready at hand with TrueConf client applications: on your computer, smartphone and tablet, or in a conference room. Each of your devices is able to run video calls and multipoint conferences.
  • Complete compatibility with existing video conferencing systems. Our video conferencing software is compatible with video conferencing systems and third-party MCU endpoints via H.323 and SIP protocols. You will be able not only to see the presence status of these endpoints and invite them to conferences, but even to call any TrueConf subscriber from them.
  • Integration with telephony. You can use TrueConf client application as a softphone to make calls to mobile and stationary phones, invite them to multipoint video conferences and even register VoIP devices on TrueConf Server in the same way as on PBX.
  • Flexible licensing. Small teams can use TrueConf Video Conferencing Software absolutely for free. Take a look at TrueConf Server Free and TrueConf Online products. We register only the number of online users of your choice; the number of user accounts on TrueConf Server is unlimited. TrueConf Server client applications are available for free and don’t require any licensing.
  • Video conferencing in your product. Use TrueConf API and SDK to integrate TrueConf video conferencing with your CRM system or with any other instrument.

Video Conferencing Systems

We develop video conferencing software that works over the Internet and LAN. Such an approach is highly convenient for large organizations with a private corporate network, and is also ideal for smaller companies who use video conferencing as an Internet service. Conducting video conferences with TrueConf solutions doesn't require a large capital outlay or the involvement of specialist technicians. It is easy to configure and start using TrueConf software. You only need several hours and PCs or laptops to deploy a video conferencing system. We provide free versions for the whole video conferencing line and we are be happy to test them.

Software for Video Conferencing. Corporate video conferencing network
Deployment of a video conferencing system in a corporate network

Cloud Video Conferencing Software

To organize web video conferences over the Internet, all participants must be connected to the Internet and have access to the video conferencing service.

Cloud video conferencing using is one of the easiest and cheapest methods of online audio-visual communication. Still, such services don't guarantee high video quality on slow Internet channels, and this might cause problems for a majority of multipoint video conferencing users.

Our TrueConf Online solution is designed specifically to work on slow and unreliable channels while providing HD video quality. TrueConf cloud service supports SVC technology, hi-end codecs and algorithms that ensure stability for the duration of a multipoint video conference.

Works over LAN/VPN and the Internet

Video conferencing systems can be deployed in LAN, and this method perfectly suits organizations with a distributed structure that want to take care of their network security. To deploy video conferencing systems within a corporate network, a company will need specific software that allows them to organize either personal or multipoint video conferences.

The TrueConf Video Conferencing Server can work not only over the Internet, but also over local (LAN) and virtual (VPN) networks of any complexity. The video conferencing server is compatible with firewalls, Proxy servers, and satellite networks, and supports UDP Multicast, LDAP and SSL technologies.

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Easy Video Conferencing with TrueConf

TrueConf Server
  • Scalable software SVC architecture
  • Video conferences with up to 250 users
  • Designed for private LAN/VPN networks
  • Secured with TLS and AES-256

Secure and Robust Solution

Secure Solution
  • On-premises: no internet connection required
  • Secured and encrypted communications
  • Easy administration and control
  • User groups and policies

Increased Efficiency and Collaboration

  • Presentations and slide shows
  • Desktop sharing & remote control
  • Presence and instant messaging
  • Conference scheduling and recording

Unified Communications & BYOD-Ready

WindowsMac OS XLinuxWebRTCH.323/SIP
AndroidiPhoneiPadTrueConf TerminalVoIP

On-Premises, Hosted or Virtualized

Video Conferencing Deployment
  • Quick deployment across any network
  • Scalable virtualized infrastructure
  • Flexible licensing, no hidden costs
  • Automatic load balancing
Easy Video Conferencing with TrueConf
TrueConf Server
  • Scalable software SVC architecture
  • Multipoint video conferences up to 250 users
  • Designed for private LAN/VPN networks
  • Secured with TLS and AES-256

TrueConf Server Free — the most advanced on-premises video conferencing solution

TrueConf Server Free
  • UltraHD (4K): Powered by SVC technology
  • 100% on-premises software solution
  • Cross-platform apps for all devices
  • Up to 6 users and 1 SIP/H.323 connection
Free DownloadLearn more
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TrueConf for Windows
TrueConf for OS X
TrueConf for Linux

TrueConf Video Conferencing Software

  • Used by more than 1,500 companies worldwide
  • Deployed on 25,000 workstations and conference rooms
  • Flexible pricing and licensing policy
  • Most suitable for government, business, education, healthcare

Latest News


Beta Version of Cross-platform TrueConf for Windows 7.0.0 App is Available for Download

The 7th version of the video conferencing client application not only got a new design familiar to users of OS X and Linux, but managed to unite in itself the two separate Windows client applications: one for TrueConf Online cloud service, and the second for TrueConf Server on-premises solution.

TrueConf NextGen: UltraHD Video Calls Will Be Showcased at Integrated Systems Europe 2016

TrueConf will showcase a cutting-edge UltraHD (4K) point-to-point video conferencing system and demonstrate new its improved Unified Communications platform at ISE 2016.

Gather ‘Online Stadiums’ with TrueConf Video Streaming

Now TrueConf Server users can scale conference feeds using a streaming mechanism. The embedded module allows for simultaneous broadcasting of several HD video conferences at up to 720p@30fps quality.

Our Customers

  • Gazprom
  • Castorama
  • Karcher
  • Nestle
  • VTB


We use the WebRTC functionality to stream our monthly business brief’s to remote employees. The system works well, with good sounds quality.

Quattro 301 and Quattro 304 speakerphones have shown the outstanding results in terms of ease of connection, and also a great sound capture range, loud speakers, and good echo cancellation qualities, especially when paired with video conferencing solution by TrueConf.

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When Video Conferencing, TNT-Broadcasting Network Chooses Phoenix Products For High Quality Audio

Headquartered in Moscow, the Russian brand name of TNT-Broadcasting Network, TNT (or THT) uses Phoenix Audio Technologies products at its corporate offices for executive meetings and video conference calls.

Setting up TrueConf RTSP Streaming with Wowza Streaming Cloud

TrueConf Server 4.3.5 added new RTSP Streaming feature. This feature is optional and available only in the full version of TrueConf Server. Want to turn it on?

How to Make Video Calls on Android

Making video calls from mobile devices and tablets using TrueConf for Android app becomes super-easy following only 3 simple steps.

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