• Free Video Conferencing for Business

    On any device,
    on every channel
  • Your Communications Completely Secured

    Autonomous work in enterprise networks. Under your complete control.
    No Internet connection required.
  • Full-featured Unified
    Communications System in a Single File

    Quick and easy installation. Deploy your video conferencing system in under 15 minutes!
    Software server for Windows PC or VMClient applications
    for desktops and mobiles
    Gateway and integrations add-ons

TrueConf Server:
a Cutting-edge Video Conferencing Platform

Solid platform for your communications
  • Lowers expenses on video conferencing infrastructure.
  • Client apps for any platform.
  • 100% on-premises software solution.

Easy Integration with Your IT Resources

TrueConf plays nicely with your IT services
  • VPN networks, LDAP, calendars and even NAT.
  • Third-party video conferencing and telephony endpoints, PBXs and MCUs.
  • Streaming and video surveillance systems.
  • Gazprom
  • Karcher
  • Lukoil
  • Leroy Merlin
  • Castorama
  • Testimonials
    Elfab Ltd. logo
    Elfab Ltd.
    TrueConf Server is an excellent solution for video conferencing with several additional tools and features. They have a very helpful staff that resolves any questions at any time. Excellent product and team. more
  • Testimonials
    National Measurement Institute logo
    National Measurement Institute
    The TrueConf solution is fully integrated with our active directory and has performed exceptionally well across links of all sizes – even low bandwidth links in our remotest sites. Users have been very quick to adopt the group conferencing and presen... more
  • Testimonials
    Department of Education and Training of Thai Nguyen logo
    Department of Education and Training of Thai Nguyen
    It is worth noting that TrueConf allowed us to cut the expenses and time consumption on business trips of our employees. This, in its turn, improved our financial state and allowed us to invest more resources in the department’s IT infrastructure in ... more
  • Testimonials
    The Brenner Base Tunnel logo
    The Brenner Base Tunnel
    The software supports all our requirements, it is easy to use and to manage. Of particular note is the easy access to the Active Directory and the associated simple and centralized user control. more
Your Solution
UltraHD Video Conferencing(Special video conferencing modes for business, meetings and education)
Cross-platform BYOD Client Applications(For Windows, Linux, OS X, iOS and Android)
Unlimited number of subscribers(Server is licensed based on the number of online users)
According plan terms
Up to 6 named accounts
Interoperability Over SIP/H.323 and video surveillance systems(Easily integrates with PBXs, VoIP telephony, legacy VC equipment and video surveillance systems (RTSP))
On-premises setup(All communication performed within the enterprise LAN / VPN network)
WebRTC Web conferencing(Full duplex plugin-free communication via browser)
Active Directory and LDAP Integration(Convenient administration and synchronizing of user's data)
Autonomous work(Server does not require constant Internet connection)
  • Video Conferencing Systems

    Software for Video Conferencing. Corporate video conferencing network
    Deployment of a video conferencing system in a corporate network

    We develop video conferencing software that works over the Internet and LAN. Such an approach is highly convenient for large organizations with a private corporate network, and is also ideal for smaller companies who use video conferencing as an Internet service. Conducting video conferences with TrueConf solutions doesn't require a large capital outlay or the involvement of specialist technicians. It is easy to configure and start using TrueConf software. You only need several hours and PCs or laptops to deploy a video conferencing system. We provide free versions for the whole video conferencing line and we are be happy to test them.

  • Web Conferencing Software

    To organize web video conferences over the Internet, all participants must be connected to the global network and have access to the video conferencing service. Video conferencing using cloud technologies is the one of the easier and cheaper methods of online audio-visual communication. Still, such services don't guarantee high video quality on slow Internet channels, and such problems cause problems for a majority of multipoint video conferencing users. Our TrueConf Online video conferencing service is designed specifically to work on slow and unreliable channels while providing HD video quality. The TrueConf cloud service supports SVC technology, High-End codecs and algorithms that ensure stability for the duration of a group video conference.

  • Works over the Internet and LAN

    Video conferencing systems can be deployed on a LAN, and this method perfectly suits organizations with a distributed structure that wants to take care of their network security. To deploy video conferencing systems within a corporate network, a company will need specific software that allows them to organize either personal or multipoint video conferences. The TrueConf Video Conferencing Server can work not only over the Internet, but also over local (LAN) and virtual (VPN) networks of any complexity. The video conferencing server is compatible with firewalls, Proxy servers, and satellite networks, and supports UDP Multicast, LDAP and SSL technologies.