Webinar: TrueConf Enterprise for Large Companies and Telcos

Alina Krukova
September 26, 2018
Alina Krukova
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On September 20 we held a webinar about TrueConf Enterprise, a new solution which opens up exciting opportunities for large companies and telecommunication operators. Join us on September 20, at 4 PM, to learn more about new corporate options we are offering!

Webinar: TrueConf Enterprise for Large Companies and Telcos 1

Lev Yakupov, Marketing Director at TrueConf, told about new corporate features we are offering and explained how to optimize your VPN workload and boost video conferencing by adding new edge instances to server local users in every remote location. The webinar also covered TrueConf Directory, an extension that allows common video conferencing network users to find each other and view structure of user groups in company’s branches or departments.

If you wanted to participate but couldn’t make it to the webinar, you are welcome to watch a webinar record:


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