How to set up telephony on the example of TrueConf Server and Asterisk integration

Dmitriy Taschi
September 28, 2017
Dmitriy Taschi
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You can connect Asterisk PBX running on SIP protocol to TrueConf Server to dial in and invite telephony subscribers to the conference call. Connect your PBX to TrueConf Server  via built-in SIP gateway to access these features.

Create a new SIP Trunk on Asterisk server. This data will be used to configure the rules PBX SIP connection from the TrueConf side. If you are using Asterisk FreePBX 12.0 GUI, follow the next steps.

Select Connectivity  section and click Trunks in the drop-down menu :


In the opened window, select Add SIP (chan_sip) Trunk:


Next, set the following parameters:

  1. Trunk’s name, for example, TrueConf Server.
  1. Outbound CallerID, for example, tcs.
  1. Insert the following lines into the PEER Details box:





  In this case the host line is the IP address of TrueConf Server.

  1. Save the changes.


To save the settings, click Apply Config :

Now proceed to TrueConf Server control panel. Enter the data of the trunk created in PBX into the Network / SIP Gateway tab.

Proceed to VoIP Server box, enter tcs_trunk in the User ID field and trunk secret in the Password field (in this example we are using  fff123456  password).

Outbound CallerID of the created trunk is used as an authorization name (in this example it is tcs). In the Server field enter Asterisk server address and the port through which it works. The address can be an IP address or domain name (in this example or, respectively).

Save the changes. If the data was entered correctly and the network ports to the PBX side are open, the status field will display Connected. Congratulations, TrueConf Server integration with PBX is completed.

To make calls to landline, mobile or extension numbers, select “Dialer” in TrueConf 7.2 application:

To make a call, enter phone number, extension number, or select a subscriber from the contact list.

Phone numbers that appear in the address book (including extension numbers) can be edited by administrator using TrueConf Server control panel. You can call these numbers via the context menu in the address book.

You can also make a call by entering the phone number (#tel:<number>) in the  Search and add contacts field.

Here is an example of incoming call from TrueConf Server to X-Lite softphone using Asterisk.

Please note that the VoIP subscriber receiving a call from the PBX can see TrueConf ID of the user making the call (in this example it is

In addition to making calls, PBX subscribers can be invited to join the conferences. You can invite them as a regular TrueConf user: double click the subscriber in the address book or use the dialer after the conference has started.

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