Role-based Video Conference with TrueConf for Windows

Alexander Galvita
November 17, 2014
Alexander Galvita
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400_212_engRole-based conference
 or Virtual Meeting is a video conferencing mode in which several users can communicate with each other using conferencing technologies. Only particular participants can be heard and seen by others.

The maximal number of active participants (or Speakers) in a role-based conference using TrueConf application is 6 (from 120 possible participants in TrueConf Online and 250 in TrueConf Server).

Participants’ Roles

The participants to the Virtual Meeting are divided into 3 types: Viewers (who may see and hear the speakers), Speakers (those who take podium) and a Host (may also be considered a speaker, as other participants can see and hear him too).

The Host is appointed by the technical administrator of the connection and manages roles during a video conference. This role cannot be handed over to other Virtual Meeting participants. A Host has a right to stop broadcasting or quit the conference, but he/she has an option to reenter the conference with the same rights and privileges.

Basic Functions of the Host:

  • Invite users to the conference.
  • Transfer the Speaker role to any participant on demand.

The host can allow participants to take podium automatically, and any participant will then become a host by sending request to take podium. Go to Setup/Preferences/Conference tab and check
Аllow participants to take podium automatically box:


The Speaker. Only 6 participants can become simultaneous Speakers during a Virtual meeting. All Speakers are heard and seen by the rest of the participants to the conference participants. Listeners can also take a role of a Speaker by sending a special request to Take Podium to the Host.

The Listener. The participants who follow a Virtual Meeting may express their opinion by clicking “Push to Talk” button and leaving an audio remark. This feature is available for those who have already been a Speaker. It is a way for participants to interact with Speakers.

How to Create a Role-based Conference in TrueConf for Windows?

Step 1: Choose a Conference Type

To create a Role-based conference in TrueConf Online cloud video conferencing service (or in TrueConf Client server), click the “Group conference” icon:

Group conference

After that, a window will open, in which you can select a necessary conference type. In this case you will need to select “Role Based”:

Create Role-based Conference

Step 2: Add Users to the List of Participants

Choose users, who you want to invite from the Contact list to the left. Click Start button when you are done.

Step 3: Changing Roles in Role-based Conference

Any participant may act as a Speaker during a Role-based conference. To perform that, a user needs to send a special request to a Host. In order to send a request, click Take Podium button:

Take podium

You may stop broadcasting by clicking Leave Podium button:

Leave podium

A user may also leave an audio remark during a Virtual Meeting by clicking Push to Talk button:

Push to talk

How to create a Role based conference on TrueConf Server?

Enter Conference Mode – Role-based in the menu when creating a conference:


Click the Role based conference in the corresponding menu field. Click the drop-down list. Depending on your license the maximum number of Role based conference Participants and number of Speakers – from 1 to 6 will appear in the list. In the example given below the maximum number of Participants is 50:


For example: when you choose from the drop-down list 4×50 and save the settings, only 4 Participants can get a role of a Speaker in the conference. It is impossible to extend the number of Speakers to 6 during the conference. Thus we recommend to choose the maximum number of Speakers before creating a conference.

Find out more information about creating Group conferences on the server in our article.