How to Use Whiteboard During a Video Call

Alexander Galvita
November 16, 2014
Alexander Galvita
Categories: Tutorials

red2 The feature is no longer supported

Whiteboard tool is only available in TrueConf applications for Windows.

Step 1: Click Whiteboard Button

To get started with a Whiteboard feature, select the corresponding icon on the toolbar: elektronnaya_doska.

Step 2: Upload the Existing File or Create a New One

In the new Whiteboard window you can collaborate with a user to create a new file or edit existing ones:


If you want to work on the image, simply drag and drop it from the desktop or from a folder on your computer to the whiteboard window.

Step 3: Start Collaborating on the File

To start a whiteboarding session use the “Start session” button. To end the session, click on “Stop session”.

Editing Tools

With various editing tools you can create different graphic objects, drawings and tables:


select — Selecting the object;

delete-selected — Delete selected objects. To remove any item from the Whiteboard, select this tool, select the area you want to delete, and then click on this icon again;

send-to-back — Move the selection to the background;

bring-to-front — Move the selection up to the front;

insert-text — Insert text. When you select this instrument, additional font and background settings will appear on the bottom. Click on the “Font options” button to see the text formatting menu.

marker — Highlighter. To change the color of the marker, use the palette in the lower left corner of the dialog window;

arrow — Arrow;

straight-line — Straight line;

 — Poly line;

freehand-line — Freehand line;

line-thickness — When drawing lines, a menu will appear where you can set their thickness;


12 — Stroked rectangle;

13 — Contour ellipse;

14 — Filled rectangle;

15 — Filled ellipse;

16 — Insert image;

17 — Pointer. The icon can be moved around the page. To remove it from the board, simply click on it again in the toolbar.

18 — When you click on the arrow to the right from this button, a menu will open where you can capture the area of the screen, the contents of a window or an image from another source:


During a 1-on-1 video call users can work on multiple pages simultaneously. Moreover, all these pages are synchronized. When one users goes to another page, the other users will automatically do the same.

Navigation and Managing Pages

lock-page To stop the user from going to another page while working with Whiteboard, you can turn off this feature by using the lock option. You can then unlock it by clicking the button block_off.

block_pict The user can also block the user’s ability to draw on the page by clicking the lock button block2, which becomes available after locking the navigation between pages.

To switch between the pages, use the buttons flipping

And to add or remove pages, use the buttons add-delete-page

Working with a Ready File

File created during a personal video conference may be saved or printed out.

новый список — Start working with other document in the Whiteboard;

открытие — Open the file created earlier in the Whiteboard mode. The Whiteboard file is *.vwb.

сохранение — Save the file on your PC in *.vwb format.

распечатка — Print the file. Selecting this icon will open a window in which you can specify the printing settings.

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