How to Control the TrueConf Server Out of Network

Alexander Galvita
November 12, 2014
Alexander Galvita

The server TrueConf Server should be installed on a PC running Windows 7 Pro or Windows 2008/2012.

It can be administered from any computer in the local network as well as outside of it. The administrator of the server should take the following steps to start managing the server from a PC that belongs to the same local network as the PC with the installed TrueConf Server does.

Step 1: Allow the TrueConf Server Connection through a Firewall

Begin with enabling incoming connections in the Windows firewall servers on port used by TrueConf Web Manager (80, 8080, 8888 or the port you indicated in the process of installation).

Open the settings menu in your firewall, select “TrueConf Server” in the list of programs and components, and click “OK”.

Windows Firewall

Step 2: Specify a range of allowed IPs

Open TrueConf Web Manager and select the tab Web/Security.

Check the box “Limit access to admin area by IP”. After that you’ll be able to edit the “Subnets” field.

If the full IP address of the PC from which you will be managing the server is listed in the default addresses ranges, no changes are necessary.

If the IP address is different, add it (or a range in which it is included) in the string.
The separation symbol for the range is “space”.

Click “Apply”:


Step 3: Add a User to the Group (Windows)

The last step is adding a user to the group TrueConf Server Admin.

Go to user control panel on your PC, select the Local Users and Groups / Users and select the right Windows user account (or create a new account, if the user doesn’t belong to the local group) from the list.

Trueconf Server Admin - Add a New User

Then enter the group TrueConf Server Admin and add the right user to the group.

Computer Management - Local Groups

If you want to transfer the control of the server to the computer that doesn’t belong to the local network, but is connected to the Internet, you need to configure the external IP address. To do this, go to the tab Network – Network Settings of the server’s Web Manager. Check the box “Specify”, click “Add” and enter the IP address of the PC you wish to transfer the control to in the opened pop-up window:

Add address

How to Connect to a Remote Server?

The user you have added to the group TrueConf Server Admin is able to control the server.

He’ll need to enter the IP address of the computer with installed server to the address bar to enter the Web Manager. The user has to select “Administrator Login” and enter the login and the password of the Windows user account that was opened on the PC with installed server.

Having entered the data, click “Log in”.

TrueConf Server - Admin Login