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CIS Video Conferencing Customers Are Slow in Moving to Cloud Computing

June 30, 2013
Alina Krukova

Alina Krukova

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Released at the annual TrueConf seminar, the results of a survey on the use of video conferencing systems reveal that 60 per cent of customers still prefer on-premises solutions.

Working remotely using video conferencing solutions is becoming more popular: 80 per cent of interviewed customers prefer the flexibility and efficiency of working off-site, while 15 per cent of employees still prefer working at the office. The situation has changed compared with the research results of the previous spring, when only 68 per cent of those interviewed preferred remote work to working at the office. (See Diagram 1)

CIS Video Conferencing Customers Are Slow in Moving to Cloud Computing 1

Diagram 1
Source: TrueConf Company Seminar 2012

“Though the majority of clients prefer on-premises solutions, demand for hosted services is slowly increasing,” says Michael Gotalsky, TrueConf CCO.
“Mostly it is presupposed by the fact that our businesspeople are not ready to delegate their rights and responsibilities to an off-site provider, especially in terms of security. On the other hand, small and medium-sized companies use our hosted service more often, choosing not to spend money on maintaining their video conferencing infrastructure.”

CIS Video Conferencing Customers Are Slow in Moving to Cloud Computing 2

Diagram 2
Source: TrueConf Company Seminar 2012

Fifty-eight percent of those interviewed chose on-premises video conferencing systems – MCUs and endpoints; 32 per cent prefer hosted video conferencing services, while 7 per cent purchase managed services, but not endpoints. None of the interviewees agreed to rent managed services. As before, the majority of interviewed professionals prefer on-premises solutions to hosted ones. (See Diagram 2)

Still, there is a growing interest in hosted products: last year only 22 per cent of seminar guests were interested in this video conferencing technology. (See Diagram 3)

CIS Video Conferencing Customers Are Slow in Moving to Cloud Computing 3

Diagram 3
Source: TrueConf Company Seminar 2012
Michael Gotalsky presented several facts about TrueConf Online development in 2012: the longest multipoint video conference lasted 80 hours while the longest point-to-point video call took 9 hours. By the end of 2012, the number of TrueConf hosted services subscribers exceeded 2.8 million.

CIS Video Conferencing Customers Are Slow in Moving to Cloud Computing 4

Diagram 4
Source: TrueConf Company Seminar 2012

TrueConf has observed that video conferencing systems are implemented basically in 4 spheres: 32 per cent of those interviewed use video conferencing for internal communications within a company, 21 per cent organize distance learning through video communications, 20 percent need video conferencing to demonstrate and broadcast, and 19.5 per cent use video conferencing for external communication. (See Diagram 4)

According to the survey, compatibility with mobile devices was the most long-awaited video conferencing option (24.5 per cent). 22.4 per cent of the interviewees require connection with Skype users; 21.4 per cent are interested in the possibilities for software integration with hardware video conferencing endpoints, and 20.4 per cent look forward to connecting their PBX (Private Branch Exchange) with their videoconferencing solution. Ten percent of those interviewed are not interested in additional compatibility options for their video conferencing systems. (See Diagram 5)

CIS Video Conferencing Customers Are Slow in Moving to Cloud Computing 5

Diagram 5
Source: TrueConf Company Seminar 2012

About TrueConf

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