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TrueConf introduced the first hardware solution for video conferencing

January 26, 2011
Alina Krukova

Alina Krukova

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TrueConf, video conferencing systems developer, created a hardware solution for visual communication TrueConf Terminal that provides HD video communication on standard Internet channels and networks within companies. The package includes the hardware codec, touchscreen control panel, LCD monitor, HD-camera, and speakerphone.

While developing the hardware that supports transfer of HD video, TrueConf specialists designed the hardware platform and created the single solution that connects it with the 9-inch touchscreen control panel, 22-inch LCD monitor, HD-camera, speaker with echo cancellation function, and network module. Besides, TrueConf specialists developed the modern interface of the control panel that presupposes use of the touch-sensitive technique; they integrated solution with the software video conferencing server TrueConf Server that supports now work with the hardware complex. Moreover, TrueConf developers made it possible for users to use all necessary collaborative tools.

The hardware video conferencing system is focused to the new for TrueConf market segment – video conferencing systems of business class, and meant to be used in conference halls, meeting rooms, and boardrooms. TrueConf Terminal is fully compatible with TrueConf video conferencing software packages that helps integrate it easily with the existing corporate video conferencing network of a company.

One of the advantages the hardware system TrueConf Terminal is remarkable for is the opportunity of fast system upgrade and modernization in regards to the customer’s needs. TrueConf Terminal allows to utilize different facilities of video display and audio capture.

In order to integrate the hardware package into the existing video conferencing system of a company organized on the basis of TrueConf video conferencing server, it is enough to set it up at the workplace or a conference hall and provide the access to the network connection. The price for the TrueConf Terminal is $ 3, 500. The extended version will be staffed with the PTZ camera, which is controlled via the console and has enhanced video characteristics.

“Being the leading video conferencing software distributor in Europe, we’ve decided to extend our business in two directions: to occupy the niche at the foreign market and the market of hardware solutions”, admits Stanislav Soldatov, technical director of TrueConf. “This is the first our video conferencing hardware package. We purposefully upgrade our products in order to embrace all market needs. Development of video conferencing hardware is the logical implementation of our plans, and we want to take the niche of conference halls and business solutions, as the most dynamic and perspective one in our field”.

About TrueConf, www.trueconf.com

A video conferencing software developer TrueConf was founded in 2003. The company develops individual and corporate solutions in the field of video and audio transmission. TrueConf products are designed to transmit high definition digital video data, integrate hardware units into the network, hold video conferences with up to 250 user terminals; can be used both on PC’s and for equipment of conference halls.

TrueConf has a long history of implementation of video conferencing solutions which includes about 700 successful projects in various fields in the CIS countries. TrueConf corporate video communication products are used by government institution, educational, financial establishments, small and bigger businesses involved in all types of activity. Among the clients of the company there is

Product line:

  • TrueConf Server – dedicated video conferencing server;
  • TrueConf Terminal – video conferencing hardware solution for conference halls, meeting rooms, and boardrooms.
  • TrueConf Gateway – a solution which allows the connection of other manufacturers’ client terminals to the TrueConf Server (VideoPort VCS);
  • TrueConf Online – cloud-based video conferencing service working through the Internet.

Video conferencing software for business, education, telemedicine and government.

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