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TrueConf Supports Video Coding Hardware Acceleration and 3D Video Calls on Android Devices

May 13, 2015
Alina Krukova

Alina Krukova

TrueConf presents an updated video conferencing application: TrueConf for Android 1.2.3. The new update features support for hardware video coding acceleration, which substantially increases audio/video quality during video conferencing sessions and prolongs the device’s battery life by lowering the load on its CPU. In addition, TrueConf has implemented 3D video calls compatible with Google Cardboard.

The new version of TrueConf for Android supports video coding at the hardware level (if the user’s device supports this feature). Hardware video coding lowers the load on the central processor, preventing overload and overheating and consequently preventing audio interruptions or video delays during video conferences.

This means users of regular smartphones get the most from their smartphone while participating in video conferences, and receive excellent sound and video quality with lower resource use and battery power consumption.

TrueConf for Android automatically detects whether your device supports hardware video coding. If the feature is unavailable, the system will use software video coding instead. Currently this feature works in experimental mode, and the next version will include a list of certified devices approved by the developer.

cardboardTrueConf for Android users will be able to experience experimental 3D video call support in Google Cardboard mode. To receive a 3D image, you will have to purchase or make your own Google Cardboard enclosure, and enable the mode in your settings. A user on the other side of the line, if they use TrueConf for Windows 6.5.1 or newer, only has to connect a stereoscopic camera.

Aside from these improvements, users will see a new interface for the registration page and more stable performance on mobile networks with low connection quality.

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