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TrueConf Now Supports SVС Video Conference Broadcasting Via WebRTC

August 29, 2013
Alina Krukova

Alina Krukova

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TrueConf has announced that the new release of TrueConf Server 4.1 supports browser-based videoconference broadcasting using WebRTC technology and VP8 SVC video codec. TrueConf is the first in the world to provide such a unique solution in the form of a finished, enterprise-ready product.

TrueConf Now Supports SVС Video Conference Broadcasting Via WebRTC 1

With the help of WebRTC technology, a web browser may now be used as a client application for videoconferencing purposes. Version 4.1 of the software-based videoconferencing solution TrueConf Server has added support for WebRTC (Web Real-Time Communications)-compliant browsers. TrueConf Server users can now easily use their personal devices to receive real-time video broadcasting, simplifying online virtual meetings.

WebRTC Videoconference Broadcasting

Customers hosting a videoconference using TrueConf Server can generate a link and invite observers to watch straight from their browser, without requiring them to install third-party addons or programs.

TrueConf Now Supports SVС Video Conference Broadcasting Via WebRTC 2

Supported by scalable video coding (SVC), the WebRTC-based video and audio feed adapts according to the capabilities of the user’s connection speed. This allows the server to automatically re-adjust the resolution, frame rate and compression ratio of the transmitted video so that it is optimal for the Internet connection speed and the device.

Videoconference feeds can be accessed from any web browser supporting WebRTC, including hardware operating Linux OS or mobile devices running Android. TrueConf Server 4.1 is compatible with all browsers based on the Chromium engine (Chrome, new Opera, etc.). Support for the popular browsers Firefox, Safari and Internet Explorer will be implemented in the next version of TrueConf Server.

Other features of TrueConf Server 4.1

Initially released in TrueConf Server 4.0, the improved web management interface continues to work on all operating systems and compatible devices. In Version 4.1, this interface is faster and easier to use, assisting TrueConf Server systems administrators in managing sessions, users, conference schedules, and access URLs.

In addition to these new features, TrueConf Server 4.1 also includes the ability to automatically record group videoconferences on the server (not only from client applications) and has been localized for Spanish, Portuguese, Polish and Czech customers.

About: www.trueconf.com Founded in 2003, TrueConf is a leading East European videoconferencing vendor. The company is focused on collaboration solutions and offers SVC-based MCU-less unified communication software platform. TrueConf offers the convenience of both cloud-based (TrueConf Online) and server-based (TrueConf Server) videoconferencing products. TrueConf Server offers a Full HD video experience and the ability to support multi-point videoconferences with up to 250 participants (using UDP Multicast). TrueConf has developed a single software product suitable for corporate IP networks and all popular PC and mobile platforms.

TrueConf has facilitated over 1300 successful videoconferencing solutions for governments, educational institutions, financial establishments, small businesses and corporations involved in all types of activities. The company developed the world’s first 3D videoconferencing application and has made significant advances in mobile conferencing and gesture-control videoconferencing systems.

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