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TrueConf Releases On-Premises WebRTC Solution for SMB

March 18, 2014
Alina Krukova

Alina Krukova

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On March 18 2014, TrueConf introduced a new version of TrueConf Server which includes a two-way WebRTC application for browsers and group video conferencing at UltraHD or 4K resolutions.

TrueConf Releases On-Premises WebRTC Solution for SMB 1

The new version of TrueConf Server 4.2.0 now features the ability to both view and transmit audio and video from each participant using Internet browsers with WebRTC technology for their group conferences, with video resolution up to 720p.

Connecting to video conferences is possible from any browser with WebRTC support. For now, these are the browsers built with the Chromium Engine (for example, Google Chrome) and Mozilla Firefox. All that you need is to go to a generated conference link, select the type of authentication (guest or TrueConf Server user) you require, and allow the browser to use your camera and microphone. In case of hardware failure, the user will automatically become a spectator. Moreover, the Chrome browser can even display a desktop or a standalone application instead of the participant’s video. The company plans to include a support for messaging and slide shows inside the browser.

The new version of TrueConf Server has another equally important feature — the ability to conduct group conferences in HD (720p) quality. This means that when the number of users in the TrueConf Client on the same screen is more than 5, the total video resolution in the horizontal direction reaches up to 3840px. In other words, video conferencing in 4K video format (UltraHD) is now a reality.

Another feature of the new version is the ability of TrueConf Server to register various SIP devices (DECT/VoIP phones, video conferencing terminals supporting SIP) on TrueConf Server, which enables you to make calls directly using the internal TrueConf ID, as well as to track the presence (online/offline) of these devices in the user’s Address Book.

About TrueConf www.trueconf.com Founded in 2003, TrueConf is one of East Europe’s leading video conferencing vendors. The company is focused on collaboration solutions and offers an SVC-based MCU-less unified communication software platform. TrueConf has developed a full software suite suitable for corporate IP networks and all popular PC and mobile platforms, offering the convenience of both cloud-based (TrueConf Online) and server-based (TrueConf Server) video conferencing products. TrueConf Server offers a Full HD video experience and the ability to support multi-point video conferences with up to 250 participants (using UDP Multicast).

TrueConf has facilitated over 1300 successful video conferencing solutions for governments, educational institutions, financial establishments, small businesses and corporations involved in all types of activities. The company developed the world’s first 3D video conferencing application and has made significant advances in mobile conferencing and gesture-control video conferencing systems.

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