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TrueConf Introduces TrueConf 8, Next-Generation Team Messaging App

October 28, 2021
Alina Krukova

Alina Krukova

TrueConf Introduces TrueConf 8, Next-Generation Team Messaging App 1

TrueConf, an award-winning video conferencing developer, has introduced TrueConf 8, the next generation of self-hosted cross-platform applications for secure business communication and remote collaboration. TrueConf 8 is designed to bring the ultimate team messaging experience and provide a configurable chat-centric workspace for asynchronous communication in safe corporate environments. It features intuitive UI, advanced personalization options, and plenty of productivity tools to empower remote workflows and keep geographically dispersed teams engaged and connected across multiple devices, which is essential in the post-pandemic new normal.

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The coronavirus pandemic confronts remote teams with difficulty to stay in touch with members who are quarantined, cannot travel, and want to refrain from in-person meetings. And many organizations find themselves struggling to implement the teleworking strategy to best coordinate their staff and foster virtual collaboration. Taking into account the present-day business needs, TrueConf united the best of video meetings, multi-layered privacy protection, handy productivity tools, and chat-centric collaborative environment to get the all-new messaging app — TrueConf 8. 

Designed to enhance capabilities of TrueConf existing unified communications ecosystem, TrueConf 8 provides flawless workflow management and empowers telecommuters to meet, chat, and collaborate on tasks without limits. It puts video calls, instant messaging, personal and group chats, file and screen sharing, and other useful options into one hub, which eliminates comfortless switching between several disjoint apps. Besides unlimited collaborative experience, this self-hosted software solution provides reliable security for all communications held and prevents the risk of cyberattacks, malware infections, and any leakage of personal identifiable information. 

TrueConf 8 supports multi-device usage, so you can be logged in on multiple devices simultaneously and continue working from any convenient location. It features up-to-date UI, advanced customization capabilities, powerful productivity toolbox, and enables up to 1.000 participants to join video meetings. The result is a single messaging workspace for persistent, ongoing conversations with colleagues and customers, both in-house and asynchronously, in safe and secure corporate environments.

“Team messaging apps have become an essential part of day-to-day business activities over the past decade. And during the pandemic, they are especially crucial for people working virtually, for whom these tools have evolved into a full-fledged workspace, where communication with teammates, collaboration on projects, and interactions with clients and contractors take place”, says Dmitry Odintsov, CEO at TrueConf. “TrueConf 8 pushes the existing boundaries of remote workflows by offering a highly secure and fully-featured way for everyone, anywhere, to excel at day-to-day tasks and stay in touch with colleagues, even if they cannot come into the office.”

For more information, please contact:

Dmitry Odintsov,
TrueConf’s CEO
Phone: +1 (833) 878-32-63
Email: dmitry@trueconf.com 

About TrueConf, www.trueconf.com  

TrueConf equips desktops, mobiles and meeting rooms with award-winning video collaboration capabilities and provides businesses worldwide with exceptional meeting experiences. TrueConf apps and solutions are easy to use and are fully compatible with legacy SIP/H.323 equipment, enabling customers to save money on infrastructure while still utilizing state-of-the art technologies such as scalable video coding (SVC) and intelligent stream manipulation.

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