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Hello USA! TrueConf Attends InfoComm 2014 In Las Vegas

July 3, 2014
Alina Krukova

Alina Krukova

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TrueConf, a leading developer of video conferencing systems in Eastern Europe, recently demonstrated its solutions at North America’s largest AV exhibition, InfoComm 2014, where they were the only CIS video conferencing vendor.

InfoComm is the world’s oldest audiovisual exhibition, and annually attracts tens of thousands of visitors and hundreds of vendors and spokespeople from around the world. InfoComm 2014 marked the 75th Anniversary celebration of the exhibition, and set a new attendance record, with over 37,000 attendees and over 900 companies participating.

Popular UC&C trends at this year’s show included Ultra HD (4K) resolution support by video capturing, processing and display systems; new technologies for collaboration, including an updated line of professional audio and video equipment for meeting rooms, and USB peripherals for PCs. Given the scope of the exhibition, it was difficult to visit all the stands and see absolutely everything, but that did not stop visitors from trying. Attendees were able to immerse themselves in the colorful world of AV technology for three days straight.

Hello USA! TrueConf Attends InfoComm 2014 In Las Vegas 1

At InfoComm 2014, TrueConf demonstrated the new capabilities of its software video conferencing server, TrueConf Server, such as the WebRTC framework which allows users to join video conferences directly from web browsers. They also presented improved video conferencing architecture based on Scalable Video Coding (SVC) technology, which allows for video resolutions up to 4K.

TrueConf showcased their client applications for Windows, Mac and Linux, with demonstrations of desktop capture and how to separate individual windows into different video streams. Also on display were updated versions of TrueConf’s mobile applications for Android and iOS featuring improved image capture resolution.

About TrueConf, www.trueconf.com
TrueConf equips PCs, mobiles and meeting rooms with high quality video conferencing and collaboration solutions. TrueConf solutions are easy to use and are fully compatible with legacy and SIP equipment, meaning that you save money on infrastructure while still utilizing state-of-the art technologies like scalable video coding (SVC) and intelligent stream manipulation.

More than 1500 companies and 3 million customers around the world choose TrueConf to meet their video conferencing needs. Our native client apps are powered by 100% software architecture, and our products are available as both an on-premises solution and as a cloud service for end-customers and partners.

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