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La Gran Guia S.A. Chooses TrueConf for Video Conferencing Between Offices

February 27, 2015
Alina Krukova

Alina Krukova

La Gran Guia S.A, owners of the largest business enterprise directory in Chile and a member of the El Mercurio group, has implemented TrueConf Server to improve the efficiency of business communications between branch office employees in six cities.

La Gran Guia S.A. owns two business portals in Chile: amarillas.com, with over a million unique visitors each month, and mercantile.com, which unites more than 100,000 companies and works in Spanish, Portuguese, and English languages.

As a geographically distributed company, La Gran Guia S.A. has to deal with Chile’s geographical nuances, such as its length from North to South. Video conferencing allows the company to resolve workflow coordination issues, improve communication efficiency for the company’s Executive Board, facilitate better meeting performance, and make it so that far-flung employees can have visual contact during business meetings.

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La Gran Guia S.A. has a private network with 20Mbps Internet access at the headquarters in Santiago, so the company needed a video conferencing system capable of working via LAN.

While searching for a vendor, La Gran Guia S.A. tested several different video conferencing systems. TrueConf product came out on top, judged to be superior in comparison to their competitors both in features and in price. After successful demo testing of TrueConf’s solutions, the company’s executives agreed on the purchase.

The TrueConf Server license for La Gran Guia S.A. includes the following:
• All conferencing modes in up to 4K (UltraHD) resolution on Windows, Linux, OS X, Android, and iOS.
• Web video conferencing with the WebRTC client app.
• Collaboration tools (Slide Show, Desktop Sharing, File Transfer, Whiteboard) and conference scheduling.
• Access to private enterprise LAN.
• LDAP and H.323/SIP equipment integration.

“We are very satisfied with the product purchased, as we meet the needs of our company. In Chile the networks are separate national network and international bandwidth,” says Josu Garate, IT Engineer at La Gran Guia S.A. “TrueConf is perfect working on internal network connection in our company and helps us to supervise branch offices daily operations and make it better.”

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