TrueConf Weathervane: Multiple PTZ Cameras Auto Tracking for Large Rooms

Alina Krukova
May 21, 2018
Alina Krukova
Categories: News

TrueConf team is happy to announce TrueConf Weathervane 1.0, a software solution for large conference & meeting rooms. TrueConf Weathervane easily integrates with hardware discussion systems and software video conferencing endpoints to automatically track speakers using multiple PTZ cameras.

TrueConf Weathervane

Several months ago we introduced TrueConf Tracker, a room solution for automatic speaker tracking in small to middle meeting rooms. Today we are launching TrueConf Weathervane 1.0, a tracking solution for large meeting rooms. TrueConf Weathervane kicks in when one PTZ camera is simply not enough.

As a rule, medium to large meeting room are equipped with discussion systems and gooseneck microphones to capture sound from every speaker seat. Conference table is usually located along camera sight, which is not the best setting for large scale rooms, as the person on the other end cannot quite see the speakers among a number of other participants. To solve this problem, additional PTZ cameras are mounted on the walls facing each row of the participants.

Interface Screenshot

TrueConf Weather Vane для переговорных комнат

To frame speakers and direct a suitable camera, legacy hardware control systems are normally used. However, such room setting requires additional integration services and some customization. To solve this classic AV problem, TrueConf team has come up with TrueConf Weathervane, a modern IT solution which allows you to avoid additional integration costs and declutter your meeting room.

Operation principle is quite simple. Each delegate unit is assigned to a nearest camera preset, which allows to frame speaker perfectly. TrueConf Weathervane reads the number of active mic of the discussion system and directs the camera to the speaker assigned to it. At the same time it switches TrueConf room endpoint to capture video from active camera. When several discussion system microphones are active, users can frame general view.

Our new solution supports three types of connection: discussion system control unit, cameras over UVC и VISCA) and HTTP protocol with TrueConf Terminal API (used to switch active cameras).

TrueConf Weathervane is designed for use with free PC software for rooms – TrueConf Terminal. We are currently working on the extension of compatible discussion systems. If you’d like to give TrueConf Weathervane a try, just contact us!