TrueConf Server Available on AWS Cloud

Alina Krukova
April 17, 2017
Alina Krukova
Categories: News

TrueConf Server Available on AWS Cloud 1We are pleased to announce that TrueConf Server is available on Amazon Web Services Marketplace! Now you can deploy TrueConf Server on AWS in one click and create your own private cloud for video conferencing.

Amazon Web Services is a popular cloud platform which provides virtual servers to its clients all over the world. As compared to physical servers, Amazon platform offers a more flexible pricing policy, high Internet connection quality and great usability.

TrueConf Server can be simply deployed on Amazon Web Services in one click: learn how to do it in our detailed guide. To make AWS platform more familiar to our users, we came up with a list of three possible scenarios for TrueConf Server cloud deployment. Surprisingly, TrueConf Server deployed on a virtual server may be even more convenient than the traditional variant! Check it out:

  1. Private cloud. Imagine you do not have your own server infrastructure (e.g. for corporate emails or file transfer) because your IT department prefers cloud solutions. Or you just do not want to provide a separate PC or virtual machine with server OS for video conferencing server within your network. In this case TrueConf Server cloud deployment will be a perfect choice for you.
  2. Hybrid. Connect additional TrueConf Server cloud instance to your existing video conferencing server within your local network via federation. This feature is available in all TrueConf licenses. Amazon service will provide better Internet connection quality for external users (e.g. TrueConf Server webinar participants) as compared to your local server connection quality.
  3. Cloud gateway. Cloud computing powers are easy to scale, connect and disconnect on demand. Use TrueConf Server as MCU/Gatekeeper for video conferencing endpoints in your offices and branches.

With TrueConf Server in the cloud you receive high and stable connection speed, additional computing powers and gain full control over your communications. In addition, AWS platform has a number of benefits:

  • Gigabit Internet connection. Have you ever wondered why your office channel is a weak link during group conferences with distant office branches? Try moving your TrueConf Server into the cloud and the problem will go away!

  • Easy to administer, migrate and support. Amazon is simply the best in this sphere, and those administrators who dealt with Microsoft Azure are sure to know what this means.

  • Save your money. With AWS there is no need to buy a special license for server OS or CALs: all your spendings are already included into a simple hourly rate. Our recommended c4.xlarge configuration for several transcoding conferences with H.323/SIP/WebRTC/RTSP users (or as many as you want on your protocol) will cost only 0,4$ per hour in Frankfurt datacenter. Additionally, you could use cheaper variants if you do not need transcoding and save your money by turning your conferences off when you do not need them running.

  • Full control over your IT infrastructure. You can easily add a cloud server into your VPN network or DMZ, or connect it to your on-premises VPN gateway. Besides, all the video conferencing logs, parameters, recordings, etc are always on hand as opposed to other video conferencing cloud services where administrator rights are limited.
  • TrueConf Server Free can also be deployed in Amazon Cloud. We do not charge you for it.