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TrueConf and Microsoft Outlook integration

November 25, 2022
Maria Mihalyova

Maria Mihalyova

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TrueConf and Microsoft Outlook integration 1

We’re glad to announce the release of TrueConf special add-in for the Microsoft Outlook mail application. It allows Microsoft Outlook users to schedule TrueConf video meetings along with other events in the Microsoft Outlook calendar without the need to switch between multiple applications and even run TrueConf client apps.

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With TrueConf for Microsoft Outlook add-in, you can create private and public video conferences on TrueConf Server right in the mail application calendar. The link for connecting to the conference and information about it are automatically added to the card of the selected Microsoft Outlook event.

An active Microsoft account is required for the add-in use.


When you first launch the add-in, you need to log in on the TrueConf Server side: enter the Server address, TrueConf ID and password. Authorization with the Remember me option active will not require re-authorization in the future.

You need to have a user account on TrueConf Server for authorization. TrueConf Online cloud service is not supported.

Video conference scheduling

You can schedule a meeting using TrueConf for Outlook add-in in the calendar: just create a conference, click on the TrueConf Meeting button that is displayed in the dialogue window, and select a video conference type: private or public.

TrueConf and Microsoft Outlook integration 4

After selecting the conference type, additional parameters will be available:

  • Conference mode
  • PIN for conference
  • Recording setup
  • Participants’ camera/microphone settings when connecting to the conference
  • Permission for webinar guests to send messages
  • Permission for webinar guests to share audio/video.

Information about the created conference and link for connecting will be automatically added to the scheduled event in the Microsoft Outlook calendar. After creating a conference it can be edited or deleted.

TrueConf and Microsoft Outlook integration 7

With TrueConf for Microsoft Outlook add-in you can only create conferences without a schedule (virtual rooms).


TrueConf for Outlook add-in is compatible with Microsoft Outlook 2016+. It also requires a connection to TrueConf Server 5.0+.

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