TrueConf Group: A High-End Video Conferencing Endpoint

Anna Stadnevskaya
September 11, 2019
Anna Stadnevskaya
Categories: News

Meet TrueConf Group, our first video conferencing endpoint for medium to large meeting rooms. The endpoint was designed to let users enjoy superior quality of video communication and make collaboration much more effective. Let’s take a quick look at the key benefits TrueConf Group can bring.

TrueConf Group

Full Compatibility with Video Conferencing Systems
Equipped with a built-in MCU, TrueConf Group features native support for SIP and H.323 protocols and provides seamless integration with any video conferencing endpoints. With TrueConf Group you can make full use of your conference room systems and cut costs.

Quality and Reliability
This endpoint performs exceptionally well under low bandwidth conditions due to H.265 and SVC codecs that guarantee Full HD quality using only half of the bandwidth compared to traditional video conferencing systems.

Content Sharing and Collaboration
TrueConf Group allows users to attend video meetings or online workshops, share content from a USB drive, show slides, and control video layouts in several clicks.

Infinite Opportunities with TrueConf Server
TrueConf Group is fully compatible with TrueConf Server, a self-hosted for unified communications and collaboration. Connect TrueConf Server to enjoy 4K conferencing, group messaging, telephony, Active Directory integration and much more.

Contact our sales department to see how TrueConf Group can transform communication in business settings!

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