TrueConf Announces Its Participation in ISE 2018

Alina Krukova
February 5, 2018
Alina Krukova
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TrueConf Announces Its Participation in ISE 2018 1TrueConf announces its participation in Integrated Systems Europe in Amsterdam on 6-9 February 2018. This year, we’ll be demonstrating a lot of new products and exciting integrations. Additionally, TrueConf experts are also featured as speakers in the AVIXA Unified Communications Solutions Theatre. Visit us at stand 11-D126 to watch TrueConf in action and equip meetings rooms with high quality video conferencing.

New Things to See

Skype for Business Integration
Announced in December, this integration delivers a seamless video conferencing experience for TrueConf and Skype for Business users. The integration adds interoperability for TrueConf and Skype for Business users, including audio, video, and instant messaging functionality. TrueConf and Skype for Business users can easily participate in joint video calls and conferences, as well as invite legacy room endpoints.
Award-Winning 4K Video Calls with Logitech BRIO
Back in October, TrueConf  joined the Logitech Collaboration Program (LCP) as an integration partner. At ISE, TrueConf will be showcasing  4K point-to-point video calls using Logitech BRIO.
4K Video Conferences for NVIDIA SHIELD TV
Released in January, TrueConf’s new solution provides 4K video conferences on smart TVs based on NVIDIA SHIELD TV consoles. At our booth, we are going to demonstrate how NVIDIA SHIELD TV is turning into a full-scaled Android-based 4K video conferencing endpoint for living rooms or offices.
TrueConf Tracker, New Voice Tracking Camera Technology
October’s release, TrueConf Tracker, is designed to enhance video conferencing experiences in collaboration spaces by allowing for automatic speaker tracking with the help of a PTZ camera and the direction-finding technology of the Phoenix Audio Condor beam forming microphone array.

AVIXA Unified Communications Theater Presentations

Finally, don’t miss TrueConf’s experts speaking on the following topics:

Adding video conferencing into any device using SDK tools by Stass Soldatov, TrueConf CTO

Evolution of 4K point-to-point video conferencing by Lev Yakupov, TrueConf CMO.

6-9 February 2018
Booth 11-D126, Amsterdam RAI

TrueConf Announces Its Participation in ISE 2018 2

If you always wanted to take part in Integrated Systems Europe, the time has come!
Click here to register for free using TrueConf invitation code 913435.