TrueConf Tracker, Auto Tracking Software for PTZ Cameras and Phoenix Audio Condor

Arsen Martirosyan
October 30, 2017
Arsen Martirosyan
Categories: News

TrueConf Tracker and Phoenix Audio Condor

Meet TrueConf Tracker, a new practical solution for PTZ cameras. TrueConf Tracker is special microphone array software developed to automatically track speakers using a PTZ camera. This solution is quite simple and does not require separate devices to connect the speaker to the meeting room space.
We would like to thank our colleagues from Phoenix Audio Technologies for providing access to DSP interfaces for Condor Microphone Array and for adjusting Condor firmware according to our requirements.

Download TrueConf Tracker 0.2 (Beta)

Traditional approach for camera tracking includes manual tracking with the help of remote control, semi-automatic tracking of an active microphone in the meeting room, or camera preset installation via clicker.

PTZ camera is voice tracked via microphone array beams by separating speakers in the conference room. We’ve spent quite some time calibrating this system and adding additional coordinates such as tilt and zoom.

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