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TrueConf 8.3.1 for Windows Update: Minor fixes and Improvements

August 22, 2023
Maria Mihalyova

Maria Mihalyova

TrueConf 8.3.1 for Windows Update: Minor fixes and Improvements 1

We are excited to bring you TrueConf 8.3.1, the latest update of our desktop client application for Windows. The new version will offer you plenty of improvements, so don’t forget to update!

We suggest that you try TrueConf 8.3 for Windows. It will enable you to take advantage of new AI, screen annotations, and video file streaming.



Fixes and improvements

  • It is now possible to change application settings with the help of group policies when updating the MSI package
  • Fixed the bug that returned application settings to default after updating to TrueConf 8.3 (due to this issue the application could connect to the TrueConf Online cloud service instead of TrueConf Server)
  • Fixed the bug that occasionally caused problems for some users when sharing content
  • Fixed the bug that made it impossible for some users to send video and audio when participating in conferences held in UDP Multicast mode
  • Fixed the problem due to which users could not quickly delete words in the search field with the Ctrl + Backspace shortcut
  • Improved performance and stability of the client application.

Check out the release notes to view the list of all changes.

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