Hardware Video Coding and 3D Calls in New TrueConf for Android Version 1.2.3

Alina Krukova
May 18, 2015
Alina Krukova
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Great news for Android users: the new version of TrueConf for Android 1.2.3 supports hardware video coding and features 3D video calls compatible with Google Cardboard.

All the load from video processing used to lay upon the central processor resulting in sound and video delays during conferences, overheating and excessive power consumption. The new version of TrueConf for Android gives your CPU more space for other tasks thanks to the support for video coding on hardware level. This boosts your system’s performance, improves sound and video quality, and cuts power consumption. If your device does not support hardware acceleration, all video coding will be done on software level.

cardboard3D enthusiasts now can make video calls and participate in 3D video conferences using Google Cardboard VR headset. To organize a 3D video conferencing session you will have to enable Google Cardboard compatibility mode on your device. A user on the other side of the line, if they use TrueConf for Windows 6.5.1 or newer, only has to connect a stereoscopic camera.

Another pleasant improvement is a new interface for the TrueConf for Android registration page, and application’s performance improvements. Also the new version of client application makes video conferencing more stable on mobile networks and features an improved support for cameras in non-standard configurations of Android devices.

We plan to support up video quality up to FullHD (1080p) on our Android app in future releases thanks to hardware video coding acceleration technology.

Read more about this deployment in the press release.

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