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The port ranges used in TrueConf Server 4.5.0 or older

July 6, 2020
Dimitrii Zuikov

Dimitrii Zuikov

Categories: Knowledge Base

In TrueConf Server 4.5.0 or older, the port ranges used for some protocols were different from the ones specified in our main article:

Port Transport Protocol Direction Reassignment
3000-4000 TCP H.245 Between the server and H.323 endpoint Via Technical Support
3000-4000 TCP BFCP Used for sharing content with SIP endpoints Via Technical Support
6001-8001 UDP RTP Between the server and H.323 / SIP endpoints or RTSP client Via Technical Support
43000-45000 TCP, UDP SRTP Required for WebRTC. Between the server and user’s web browser Via Technical Support

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