How to set automatic TrueConf for Windows updates via TrueConf Server?

Konstantin Olmezov
February 8, 2018
Konstantin Olmezov
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Starting from TrueConf Server v. 4.3.9+, new generation of TrueConf for Windows client application has become available.  This article explains how to add parameters to the server interface to set automatic application updates for all server users. You can also learn more about these parameters in this article.

Please note that TrueConf Server is distributed with TrueConf Client, previous generation of our client application for Windows.
This article describes how to set automatic updates for the new application, the parameters for which are not yet available in the server control panel interface.

Step 1. Find TrueConf Server in the registry editor

To open registry editor, click Win+R and enter regedit in the opened window. After clicking OK button, registry editor window opens. In the sidebar, proceed to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE → SOFTWARE → Wow6432Node → TrueConf → Server → AppProperties → ByName section.

If TrueConf for WIndows is not set up on your server, you can find  TrueConf Client and TrueConf Mac Os X in ByName folder. Add TrueConf Windows to this folder.

If ByName folder already contains TrueConf Windows folder, automatic updates are set up and you do not need to do anything. In this case, you can change version control from the server web interface (see step 3).

Step 2. Add TrueConf for Windows to the registry and fill in the fields

Right-click ByName folder and select New → Key from the context menu. Name the new section TrueConf Windows.

After that open context menu of the newly created TrueConf Windows section and select New → String value. A new line will appear in the list to the right of the folder panel. In the Name column of this line, type current_version and press Enter. After that, double-click the same name to open Edit String window. In the Value data field, type 7.2.1 and click OK.

In the same way,  add several more parameters to TrueConf Windows:

  • last_version: 7.2.1
  • min_version: 7.0.0
  • setup_url:
  • update_url:
To automatically update TrueConf for Windows, your server must be connected to the Internet. Otherwise it will be impossible to download the installation file of the client application from the Internet.

Step 3. Check if auto-update is added

Close registry editor and open TrueConf Server control panel. In the sidebar, select Dashboard → Settings. TrueConf Windows line will appear on the opened page in the Application section. Now you can set versions for updating directly from the web interface by clicking TrueConf Windows line.

Step 4. Restart the server

Restart TrueConf Web Manager and TrueConf Server services by instruction.

Step 5. Enjoy the result

When connecting to the server using an old version of TrueConf for Windows application, user will automatically be suggested to upgrade to the new version available on TrueConf website.

Please note that you can not automatically update from TrueConf Client to TrueConf for Windows application. The update only works for earlier versions of TrueConf for Windows.


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