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How to Use Whiteboard During a Video Call

November 16, 2014
Alexander Galvita

Alexander Galvita

Categories: Knowledge Base

red2 The feature is no longer supported

Whiteboard tool is only available in TrueConf applications for Windows.

Step 1: Click Whiteboard Button

To get started with a Whiteboard feature, select the corresponding icon on the toolbar.

Step 2: Upload the Existing File or Create a New One

In the new Whiteboard window you can collaborate with a user to create a new file or edit existing ones:


If you want to work on the image, simply drag and drop it from the desktop or from a folder on your computer to the whiteboard window.

Step 3: Start Collaborating on the File

To start a whiteboarding session use the “Start session” button. To end the session, click on “Stop session”.

Editing Tools

With various editing tools you can create different graphic objects, drawings and tables:


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