How to use Dante-enabled audio devices in TrueConf video conferencing

Vladislav Panzhar
December 26, 2019
Vladislav Panzhar
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With TrueConf desktop client applications for Windows and macOS, you can use high-quality Dante-enabled audio equipment. This protocol allows transferring audio in an Ethernet local network in digital form, preventing sound interference and signal degradation.

Connecting the Dante devices

Step 1. Installing Dante software

  1. In order to use Dante devices, you need to install Audinate software:
    • Dante Via for creating a virtual audio card. This software enables Dante protocol.
    • Dante Controller for routing the audio signal.
Audinate gives 30-day free trial for Dante Via software.
  1. Reboot your computer to apply changes.

Step 2. Setting up Dante devices

  1. Run Dante Via.
  2. Audio Sources and Audio Destinations panel will open. All available devices will appear in Dante Devices or Dante Via Devices section.
Please note that the devices you are going to use must be in the same LAN as the PC with Dante installed software.


  1. Press Open Dante Controller.
  2. Dante Controller application will open.
  3. Check the box at the intersection of the Dante Via Left/Right devices line and the necessary sound source column.


Broadcasting sound from Dante devices to the video conference

Conference attendees will hear the sound from Dante devices once you’ve chosen Dante Via Receive as the microphone in TrueConf client application:


  • During a conference – select Dante Via Receive in the toolbar in the application window.

How to use Dante-enabled audio devices in TrueConf video conferencing 1

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