How to Become a Beta Tester for TrueConf for Android

Dimitry Zuykov
June 3, 2019
Dimitry Zuykov

We continuously update TrueConf for Android client application by adding new features and improving existing functionality. Its latest version can be downloaded from Google Play Market. Starting with version 1.3, we have been offering support for Android 6.0+ in beta testing mode.

What is Beta Testing?

Beta testing means that our customers use the pre-release version of the application which is specifically intended for beta testing since it may have some minor bugs while its stability is not guaranteed.  

If you use the beta version of TrueConf for Android, you can report the problems you encounter thus helping us to improve the application.

How to Connect to the Beta Version of the Application

  1. Remove TrueConf application from your Android device if it has already been installed.
  2. Add your Google account to TrueConf beta tester group and wait for your request approval:

Join TrueConf Beta Testers!

  1. Download TrueConf application from Google Play Market and install it. Since you were added to the group, only the beta version of the application will be installed on your device.
  2. Use TrueConf for Android application as usual. If there are any bugs, report them to our email:

How to Get Back to the Standard TrueConf for Android Application

Leave the TrueConf beta testers group and install the application again.

Still have questions? Please contact our support team directly via online chat.