What happens if I call a user with unknown status?

Dimitry Zuykov
January 12, 2018
Dimitry Zuykov
Categories: Knowledge Base

If you want to call a user who is not present in your address book, you don’t know his or her presence status. You can call such users by entering their TrueConf ID or email address in the “Search and add contacts” field:

What happens if I call a user with unknown status? 1

  • If the user has TrueConf Server or TrueConf Online account on TrueConf Server or on TrueConf Online, he/she will appear on the list.
  • You can call registered users who are online.
  • If the user is registered and is offline, “User is not available now” message will appear. At the same time, the user called will receive a missed call notification email and an application notification in the Call History.
  • In case the user is not registered on TrueConf and you used his/her email address for a call, this user will receive an invitation email.

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