Camera Preset Control via Command Line in TrueConf Weathervane

Elizaveta Nesova
February 28, 2019
Elizaveta Nesova
Categories: Knowledge Base

TrueConf Weathervane supports switching camera presets used during video conferences via command line parameters. Thanks to this fact the application can be used not only as a speaker tracking tool, but also as camera control tool.

Command description

Preset is assigned when the program is called via parameter

-p [num]


-preset [num]

Here [num] is preset identifier.  

For example, command that activates preset #1 looks like

WeatherVane.exe -preset 1

Manual switch (test)

In order to test how it works start TrueConf Weathervane. Open Windows console and proceed to the folder where the application is installed. Use the command from the previous section. Active preset in the application window will change.

Switch TrueConf Weathervane through the shortcut

You can also add preset switch parameter to TrueConf Weathervane shortcut (you can find example on how to add parameters to the shortcut in our article). After that even inexperienced users will be able to switch cameras and their positions by shortcut double click.

Automatic command sending

Application can be called not only directly, but also from your own program code. This will allow to embed any cameras switching scenario to your application and connect it to program operation in any way.

Here is a simple example: a Python 2.7 code that allows to switch presets circle-wise one after another every minute:

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