Enabling SIP PBX and H.323 Equipment

Connection diagram for SIP/H.323 equipment

You can easily connect digital PBX (for instance, Asterisk) and video conferencing equipment of third-party developers that operate via SIP/H.323 (Polycom, Cisco and others) to TrueConf Server.

With this capability, you can use the existing equipment to develop communication system within your company, with TrueConf Server as the centerpoint.

TrueConf Server is Compatible with Solutions from Leading Vendors

Compatible devices and software

  1. Authorized SIP/H.323 devices are displayed in address books as regular users with presence statuses (online/offline).
  2. Calls from TrueConf client applications at SIP/H.323 terminals. Call routing is implemented by VoIP (call forwarding to telephone numbers), SIP Proxy (call forwarding to Call_ID) or by H.323 Gatekeeper (call forwarding to h323-ID).
  3. Calls from SIP/H.323 terminals through built-in TrueConf Server SIP/H.323 gateway. Call routing is implemented by IP address. The Default_call_destination tool forwards calls to a certain user or connects a user to a multipoint conference.
  4. TrueConf users can be invited to the conference that being held on the external SIP/H.323 server.
  5. The SIP/H.323 terminal can be invited to a conference that is being held on TrueConf Server. A terminal can be connected to the conference in two ways: by unique Conference ID or by a fixed name of the group video conference.
  6. SIP/H.323 users can be invited directly from client TrueConf terminals.

With built-in SIP gateway, TrueConf users can connect a digital PBX and make calls to landlines. Thus, you are able to hear your interlocator and he can hear all participants of the meeting. Read more on the equipment that supports SIP here.

How to Connect Polycom SIP Terminal with TrueConf Server?

We tested one of Polycom's solutions and tried to make a video call. We even invited the endpoint to a group conference. Did we succeed? Read in our blog!

How to register SIP endpoints on TrueConf Server (case study: LifeSize Team 220 and Polycom HDX 8000)?

From these instructions, you'll learn why you need to register a SIP endpoint on the TrueConf Server in two minutes. As as case study we decided to use SIP calling capabilities of TrueConf Server and quite popular applications LifeSize Team 220 and Polycom HDX 8000.

How to Register TrueConf Server on the External H.323 Gatekeeper?

You need to register the TrueConf server to enable its users to establish connection to external H.323 terminals. The identifiers h323-id and Dialed are used to call the H.323 user. Read this manual to learn the difference between the aforementioned identifiers.

How to connect an H.323 endpoint to TrueConf Server?

TrueConf Server users can make video calls and invite users of H.323 endpoints to multipoint conferences. To call an H.323 user, enter #h323:@IP in the address bar of the TrueConf client application and start a call. For your convenience, add H.323 users to your Address Book in advance.

How to Set Up a Free Meeting on a Polycom HDX Series 6000/7000/8000/9000 Endpoint?

A free video conferencing server TrueConf Server Free allows you to increase the number of participants of the multipoint conference on Polycom HDX endpoints from 4 to 6 users! Along with fully-featured group conferences, you get the ablity the interact with users who joined the conference through browsers (WebRTC) or from mobile devices.

How to make a call to a SIP / H.323 endpoint from the TrueConf client application for Android?

TrueConf for Android users can make one-on-one calls or hold group video conferences with H.323 and SIP endpoints. The number of such connections is limited in accordance with the license terms.

How to make a call to a SIP / H.323 endpoint from the TrueConf client application for iOS?

To make a call to a third-party SIP / H.323 endpoint, iPhone and iPad users can use different dialing formats: 4 types for SIP connections and 2 types for H.323 connections. Read more about it in our user manual.

Which ports are used to integrate TrueConf Server with SIP and H.323 endpoints?

It is recommended that you open the following UDP and TCP ports to integrate TrueConf Server with SIP/H.323 equipment: 5060 to establish connection with SIP devices and telephony; 1718 (UDP), 1719 (UDP), 1720 (TCP), 3000-4000 (TCP) - for calling and video conferencing with H.323 endpoints; 6001 — 8001 - to transmit media data through RTP.