TrueConf License Manager

TrueConf License Manager
  • Support for the unlimited number of TrueConf Server instances
  • Allows to add more TrueConf Server instances without the need to buy separate licenses
  • Automatic license balancing
  • Save money by paying only for those licenses which are being used

TrueConf License Manager is a TrueConf Enterprise add-on that automatically distributes licenses between multiple servers based on the video conferencing usage and individual set of parameters for each TrueConf Server instance.

With TrueConf License Manager you do not need to purchase separate licenses for each of your company’s server (most of which will often stand idle). Instead, you can substantially cut your costs by paying only for the licensing services being used by the servers at any given moment.

License Manager distributes licenses between the master and slave servers in a fully automatic mode. The distribution depends on your current needs and the restrictions set on the master server.

How It Works

For instance, you need to distribute 300 user licences among three branches. With TrueConf License Manager only have to buy licenses for the master server, while the slave servers located at the branches will automatically use the licenses from the shared license pool when you need them.

TrueConf License Manager allows you to flexibly manage the following paid licenses: online and guest users, SIP/H.323 connections and TrueConf Room PRO licenses.

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