Free Video Conferencing Software

TrueConf is an enterprise video conferencing software developer. Superb UltraHD video quality and crystal-clear sound bring video communication as close to real life conditions as possible.

Free Video Conferencing Software

We created client apps for all popular desktop and mobile operating systems. All client applications are compatible with each other: you can make calls to any device running TrueConf app.

By default, all client applications are setup to work with TrueConf Online cloud video conferencing service. To use these client apps in LAN, you should enter the address of your TrueConf Server in the settings.

TrueConf Video Conferencing Software Features

4K Telepresence Experience

Forget about the blurry picture - enjoy UltraHD 4K video meetings on that big fancy screen in your conference room. Cancel the tickets and reservations and use video conferencing instead of business trips.

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FullHD video

Scalable Video Conferencing Architecture

Scalable Video Conferencing Architecture

Thanks to support for Scalable Video Coding (SVC) each conference participant receives an individual set of video streams from other participants according to the conference layout, bandwidth, and the endpoint’s capabilities. The server itself does not perform transcoding which significantly lowers infrastructure costs and requirements.

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Your Communications Stay Private

Your conferences will always be protected: all data exchange is carried out within your network via TLS with additional encryption according to the AES standard.

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Your Communications Stay Private
Flexible Collaboration Tools

Flexible Collaboration Tools

To increase the efficiency of your teamwork, we have equipped users with content sharing, slideshows, remote desktop control, group chat and conference recording capabilities.

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Free Software for Online Video Conferencing

Desktop Applications

TrueConf for Windows — Video conferencing software for PCs running OS Windows. To make personal or multipoint video calls you will need Windows version 7 or higher.

TrueConf for Linux — Free video conferencing for computers on OS Ubuntu, Debian, CentOS, openSUSE, Fedora, ALT Linux. The maximum number of participants in an online video conference is 120.

TrueConf for Mac OS — Free video conferencing software for Mac. To run the application you will need macOS 10.7.5+ installed. The application supports all video conference modes, slide show feature, and sharing any content from your desktop.

Applications for Smartphones and Tablets

TrueConf for Android — Download TrueConf for Android app from Google Play to your smartphone or tablet. You can make multipoint video calls for up to 3 participants and take part in any TrueConf-based video conferences for free.

Available for Android 2.3+

TrueConf for iOS — Free multipoint video calls for up to 3 participants for iPhone, iPad, and iPod. TrueConf for iOS application is available in App Store.

Available for iOS 7.1+

Free Software for LAN Video Conferencing

TrueConf Server Free provides free video conferencing & UC for business. The Free solution is suited for all video conferencing modes with up to six participants. It includes client applications for any platforms, a range of collaboration tools, support for WebRTC conferences and capability of integration with SIP equipment.

TrueConf Server Free is specially designed to work in your enterprise network.

How it works?

The video conferencing system is comprised of 2 parts:

  • Server side
  • Client apps

You should install and run the server side of TrueConf Server Free on a PC in your enterprise network. Deploying TrueConf Server takes only 15 minutes. Detailed Tutorial

After the server is started, users should download client applications for their devices. All client applications can be downloaded from your server’s guest page. That’s it, congratulations, you have just deployed your own Unified Communications system! Detailed guide on how to use the guest page.

Free Server For LAN Video Conferencing - Scheme of Operation

Free Server For LAN Video Conferencing - Scheme of Operation