Whiteboard at Video Conferencing

The feature is no longer supported

The Whiteboard feature allows the participants of a 1-on-1 video conference to draw, enter and edit text and graphic data in a separate window using special tools.

The visual marks enable you to work on various types of electronic documents: texts, schemes, diagrams, design models, pictures and slide shows. Ability to draw, mark, pull, change, add and delete will all aid the decision-making process.

This is all available using TrueConf Whiteboard tool. Users save time on organization of the meetings and get freedom to choose various ways to discuss issues of any scope and complexity.

Whiteboard is available in
vTrueConf Server LAN / VPN / Internet
vTrueConf Online
In the cloud

* Whiteboard is available only in Video Call (1 on 1) mode on Windows OS.

Whiteboard is available in all Plans of TrueConf Online cloud service for Windows, except the Event Plan. In TrueConf Server, Whiteboard is included in the basic package, therefore you do not need to additionally purchase this feature.

How to Use Whiteboard During a Video Call?

With Whiteboard you can collaborate on the existing files or create new ones. Users can use a wide selection of editing tools, work on multiple files simultaneously and block the page with the file that is being edited. In our manual we described in detail the process of creating document in Whiteboard mode.

What More Collaboration Tools are Available in TrueConf?

You can find out more about what features are available for TrueConf users on our website.