Video Call Recording


Video conference recording is available for all TrueConf users. You can easily record personal video calls or group video conferences with multiple participants. Your conference recording will feature the video layout you've been using during the conference.

When Could it Be Useful?

  • In the interviews. HR manager can record the process of the work interview and then provide company's executive with the video recording. With the interview being recorded, you can always take a look back at your potential employee, discuss this position with your colleagues and be sure you don't miss anything even if you were absent during the interview. If the interview is conducted directly by the chief executive, he or she may later show the record to his or her colleagues.
  • In distance learning. Students can record video lectures and use it for educational purposes.
  • During business negotiations. Business partners can record video conferences or webinars dedicated to the release of a new product and then transfer the record to the employees for a more detailed study.
  • In court. Conference recording may even be used as an additional proof of the judicial process objectivity.
Recording is available in
vTrueConf Server
Over LAN / VPN / Internet
vTrueConf Online
In the cloud

How to record a video conference in TrueConf client application

In TrueConf client application you can record your own video and audio, separate conference participant or all conference participants. This feature is available in all video conferencing modes. You can store the recorded file on your PC in the *mkv video format or share it with your friends via email.

How to record a video conference on the server side?

TrueConf Server administrator may enable permanent recording mode. In this case, all video conferences conducted on TrueConf Server will be automatically recorded and saved in the specified folder on the administrator's computer. To enable permanent recording, the administrator should check the box “Record all conferences” in the web manager and select destination folder for recorded files.