Switching to Remote Working: Best Practices

The coronavirus pandemic, spreading like wildfire across continents, has undoubtedly caused a permanent shift towards day-to-day life. The support measures to rein in the disease's outbreak have pushed off-office working and studying from an already growing trend to the central concern. For those new to the remote mode, we’ve prepared some essential tips to keep your productivity and morale high.

Covid Remote Working

The World’s Largest Work-From-Home Experience

No points for guessing, what we’ll learn in the next few months could drastically change our white-collar future. Anyway, transitioning the bulk of work from the office to home is a relatively easy process, thanks to rapid advancements in digital technology. Here are 4 simplified tips based on advice from geographically dispersed employees, which will help you embrace a different sort of workplace behaviour, wherever you happen to be.

Tip 1: “Go” to work — of course, figuratively

Remote working sounds like a luxury but still remains a double-sword: although it’s tempting to lie in bed, staying productive takes a little extra effort, especially without normal resources and routine. Whether you’re a work-from-home veteran or newbie, it’s essential to create an office environment, which helps instinctively slip into work mode. But don't let your dining room table become the source for stacked papers or folders — simply set up a dedicated “professional zone” and tape the “Do Not Disturb” sign to your door.

Tip 2: Stay on track – keep approach in mind

Getting stuff done is hard, especially if you’re working at home, and it’s important to accept the fact that there is no cookie-cutter method to improve the attention span. However, we recommend the Pomodoro technique. The methodology is simple: when faced with any large task, break it down into 25-minute chunks separated by five-minute breaks. This trains your brain to focus for short periods as well as helps you stay on top of deadlines or constantly-refilling inboxes.

Tip 3: Fight the urge for multitask

This may look more appealing to catch up on laundry, cultivate a flower garden, listen to a podcast or load a dishwasher — there are a lot of potential distractions, which might interrupt your focus. There’s nothing wrong with carrying out household chores, as a change of scene gives our brain a little break. But don’t let routine tasks distract you from being productive — keep them limited, thus separating professional and personal time.

Tip 4: Don’t lose touch with colleagues — stay connected

As coronavirus continues impacting daily life, communication remains an obvious obstacle, as employees are not physically in the office and feel self-isolated. Just because you aren’t in the same place, doesn’t mean you can’t have a great face-to-face meeting experience. In this case, the advantage of technology — video conferencing — comes in handy, enabling long-distance interaction and promoting overall collaboration. And even more — without leaving the house.


You can take daily check-ins or ordinary calls to the next level with TrueConf, a powerful video conferencing solution for increasing business productivity and making out-of-office mode a win-win option for both employers and employees. TrueConf makes remote work setup easier, and ready-to-use tools help replicate the in-person collaboration and maintain some semblance of the usual office routine.


What’s coming up? Pessimistic headlines, resisting the urge to go panic shopping or worrying about elderly loved ones can put replying to the important emails on the back burner. Indeed, these are confusing, stressful times for all of us. While nobody can say for sure how long the coronavirus outbreak will last, it’s easy to lose courage and fall into the trap of excessive short-term thinking. But remember that every dark cloud has a silver lining, and this is the best chance to plot out your next week, month, quarter, year, or even entire life. Be positive, try various tactics to find the way, which will definitely boost your productivity while working at home, continue communicating with coworkers, family members or best friends and stay safe together with TrueConf.