TrueConf Stakes on Opus Audio Codec

10 October 2012

According to research by TrueConf LLC, a leading Russian video-conferencing company, Opus comes first-place as best audio codec for voice transmission over IP.

TrueConf compared five top-end codecs. Each codec was analyzed for quality, speed of encoding and efficiency at different bitrates, and was tested with both male and female voices. Compared to Speex, G.729 and other audio codecs, Opus was found to provide the highest quality audio signal, with excellent efficiency and minimum delay. The ability of Opus to switch promptly between different coding mechanisms allows this codec to be used effectively with different data-transfer rates, as it flexibly adjusts to the changing characteristics of an Internet connection.

One of Europe's leading developers and vendors of video conferencing solutions, TrueConf believes that Opus is the best codec for transmitting voice over the Internet and has confirmed that Opus will be the default codec for all of their video-conferencing products. TrueConf has supported Opus since before Skype officially certified it in September.

"In 2010, our company was the first one in the world that supported Google's public video codec, VP8, in its video conferencing solutions," stated Michael Gotalsky, TrueConf CEO. "We staked on VP8 and we were right in doing so. As opposed to H.264, VP8 has been actively developed, and our experts participate in this ongoing development process as well."

"Today we assert that Opus is a promising audio codec, and we are the first company to support it in our video conferencing products. We are moving with the times and providing our customers with the best quality [audio] solutions," he said.

Man voice16 kbps24 kbps32 kbps
Average qualitySpeed of coding/encoding, msAverage qualitySpeed of coding/encoding, msAverage qualitySpeed of coding/encoding, ms
SPEEX4,02673 / 3823,753677 / 3544,54685 / 303
OPUS4,51310 / 965,01406 / 1674,751364 / 142
G.729.a2,75346 / 78----
G.722.1--4,626 / 32--
Woman voice16 kbps24 kbps32 kbps
Average qualitySpeed of coding/encoding, msAverage qualitySpeed of coding/encoding, msAverage qualitySpeed of coding/encoding, ms
SPEEX3,755451 / 7214,05849 / 6914,258537 / 753
OPUS4,52512 / 2314,752618 / 2145,02611 / 200
G.729.a3,9611 / 154----
G.722.1--4,461 / 59--

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