New Version of TrueConf Online Released

24 March 2014

We are proud to introduce an updated version of TrueConf Online 6.4.2 with the ability to receive video in HD quality from each participant of a group conference.

List of Changes in the Client Application TrueConf Client 6.4.2:

TrueConf Online 6.4.2
  • Video resolution from each of the participant in group conferences increased to HD quality (720p). TrueConf system and network requirements were changed.
  • Supported the ability to format text in the chat tool and the ability to clean the chat history.
  • Added display of the number of contacts in the Address Book tabs.
  • Desktop Sharing can be accessed without installing additional drivers.
  • Volume control keys correspond properly. Earlier the combination Ctrl+”+” reduced volume, and Ctrl+”-” increased it.
  • Cyrillic email domains can be used during registration.
  • Fixed bug "Cannot focus a disabled or invisible window" in the Address Book.

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