Gilat Satellite Networks recommends TrueConf solutions for video conferencing over VSAT Satellite Network

30 May 2013

We are pleased to announce that TrueConf has received a recommendation from Gilat Satellite Networks, the world's leading manufacturer of satellite communications systems. For the purposes of effective cooperation the companies held a test of TrueConf Server video conferencing solution over satellite network on VSAT technology. The test results confirmed that the TrueConf system demonstrates high connection speed, excellent compatibility and transmission of high quality video on Gilat Satellite Networks equipment.

It has been repeatedly reported by satellite service providers and TrueConf clients, who use video conferencing system over satellite network, that such a test is necessary.

Testing was conducted over a network of RDC "Cosmos", Russian satellite service provider, using TrueConf video communication technology and Gilat Satellite Networks equipment. The experts have organized several videoconferencing sessions and launched a network of endpoints with TrueConf system on it. To access the satellite channel they used Gilat SkyEdge II equipment and Gilat SkyEdge II Pro modems. On a booth build especially for the occasion the team simulated various types of multipoint video conferences and video calls on the TrueConf solution using various settings of communication channels. During the video call session TrueConf's software proved to be a convenient and reliable solution for online video conferencing. The experts particularly noted full compatibility of Gilat systems and TrueConf solutions, the ability to work UDP Multicast mode, as well as high quality of video calls.

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