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Webinar: TrueConf 8.2 for Windows

October 20, 2022
Katerina Shramko

Katerina Shramko

Webinar: TrueConf 8.2 for Windows 1

On October 25, we held a webinar about TrueConf 8.2, the latest update of our video conferencing and team messaging app for Windows.

This app version brings plenty of not-to-miss improvements to empower your video communication and remote collaboration:

  • Updated UI
  • Enhanced team messaging (assigning a chat owner and moderators, setting up pop-up notifications)
  • Sharing computer sound in a screen share
  • Smart noise suppression and much more!

Lev Yakupov, Chief Marketing Officer at TrueConf, guided webinar guests through main product updates, showcased new features, and ran a Q&A session. 

Watch the full webinar video on our YouTube channel

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