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How to Create Meeting Invitation Email: Tips & Templates

January 10, 2023
Nikita Dymenko

Nikita Dymenko

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Meeting Invitation Email
Business meetings are an integral part of today’s workflows that help employees, both in-house and remote, empower collaboration, generate ideas, and stay connected. However, organizing a group conference requires thorough preparation and answering the following essential questions, who will take part as where and when discussion is taking place. Finding a convenient method of bringing everyone together and informing each participant of the upcoming event is also necessary.

How to create a meeting invitation email?

A meeting invitation brings participants the subject, time and place. Such notifications are usually sent out at least two days in advance, so that speakers have enough time to prepare for the discussion. Email marketing software can help send meeting invitations at least two days in advance with the right subject line and sender information to increase the chances of the email getting read by the recipients.

how to create meeting invitation email

According to SuperOffice research, more than 45% of recipients decide to open an email depending on who sent it. This is not just for cold outreach emails but for warm messages as well. That’s why your email address should contain information about your position and field of activity. For example, if you are engaged in sales, then be sure to specify this as “salesdepartment@”, “sales@” or just use the company name.

To get the most from your email, make sure that you use each of its features, including the signature field. The email signature is not only for basic information. You can use an email signature generator to help you get the most out of your email communication by adding important links, surveys, promotions, and an overall different call to actions.

When it comes to the text of your email, here are 4 tips for successful invitation writing, just like what email marketers do:

Step 1. Specify the subject

As practice has shown, one of the main criteria for opening emails by recipients is how accurately the subject of the letter or professional email subject line is formulated.

Your copywriting will play a major role in your open rate, so make sure to have a compelling subject line for your email.

meeting invitation email diagram

For example, the subject of your cold email may look like this:

  • “Introductory webinar for new employees”
  • “Project starts next Monday”
  • “Ideas for improving banners”

Please note that smartphone screens display a limited number of characters, so try to keep your email subject line to no more than 41 characters or 7 words. To create a catchy email subject line within this limit, focus on using concise, attention-grabbing language.

Step 2. Make a quick introduction

If you are hosting a group meeting with new teammates or planning to talk to potential partners, it’s important to properly know how to introduce yourself in an email. Tell the most important things in 2-3 sentences without overloading the recipient with unnecessary information. As a rule, it is enough to say hello, state your name and field of activity:
“Good morning! This is Michael, sales manager”

Videos are great for internal communication as well as making external introductions, and to really grab the recipient’s attention, you may even consider using an intro maker to create a short intro video. This can help to engage potential attendees and make them more interested in joining.

Step 3. Describe the subject matter

Before writing a meeting invitation email, think carefully about how you will describe the agenda. You can utilize SEO AI sentence rewriter to craft a compelling meeting invitation email. Participants should understand what the negotiations will be about and what information they should study in advance. Just a few words can make participants’ perception of the upcoming event more positive, even if the agenda is not pleasant:
“I would like to discuss the prospects of our project”

Step 4. Specify the time and date

Specifying date and time of the meeting is must have. If you don’t provide this information in the email, your teammates may be confused, which could disrupt the event. Additionally, you can add the meeting link to your email signature by editing your email signature settings and pasting the link in the designated field:

“The webinar will begin on March 5th at 6:00 p.m.
Please, follow the link below to join the meeting!”

Alternatively, you can also make a QR code that directs users to your meeting link and add that to your signature. Besides, some video conferencing solutions automatically send out meeting invitations to participants via email. For example, this feature is built into Zoom, Google Meet and TrueConf software, which greatly facilitates informing members about the upcoming meeting. For added convenience, consider utilizing invitation templates to streamline the process of communicating meeting details. Alternatively, you can also make a QR code that directs users to your meeting link and add that to your signature. Besides, some video conferencing solutions automatically send out meeting invitations to participants via email. For example, this feature is built into Zoom, Google Meet and TrueConf software, which greatly facilitates informing members about the upcoming meeting.

Step 5: Secure Email Delivery with Address Verification

To guarantee your meeting invitations reach their intended recipients, prioritize email address verification. Ensure that the email addresses you’re using are accurate and up to date. This simple yet crucial step minimizes the chances of your emails bouncing or being flagged as spam, enhancing the effectiveness of your communication and engagement efforts.

3 meeting invite templates

From boosting engagement to simplifying organization, you need email templates to cater to various meeting types, be it virtual, in-person, or hybrid. Learn how to make a lasting impression with eye-catching designs, intuitive layouts, and time-saving features.

Even consider going a step further and using an AI art generation solution to add visual interest to your email to engage recipients in a more immediate way than relying on text alone. These cutting-edge tools excel at handling extensive conversation data, extracting vital insights, and delivering them in a coherent and structured format.

When sending email invitations, there are different types of messages, and you need the right type of content for each for that you can use SEO content writing services. To ensure your email content is optimized for maximum impact, consider leveraging the expertise of SEO agencies. For a formal business meeting, it’s crucial to create a concise and professional email that includes clear event details and expectations.

On the other hand, for a casual social gathering, using a friendly and welcoming tone along with engaging language can make recipients feel more comfortable and excited about attending. You can also add a personalized QR code for them to access the invitation easier.

Explore additional enhancements with formal invitation templates, ensuring your invitations not only convey essential information but also stand out with well-designed layouts and user-friendly features.

Here are three email invitation templates for the most common types of meetings.

For one-on-one meeting

There are many reasons why a one-on-one meeting may be necessary. The most common is that a manager wants to discuss sensitive information or get feedback about projects with a subordinate in person. In this case, don’t forget to specify the purpose of the discussion to avoid an unnerving situation. Moreover, consider implementing an email verifier to increase the deliverability and effectiveness of meeting invitation emails.

Hi [Name],

Just a kind reminder that our meeting concerning [subject] is this week on [date] at [time]. I’d like to hear your thoughts, and please prepare all the analytics on your tasks for the previous quarter so we can summarize your results.

See you!


For presentation

Whether you’re introducing a new product feature, discussing market trends or industry research, or just want to give an update on your progress, presentations can be a great way to engage and inform your audience. To make the event run smoothly, state the topic of your presentation, its key points, and the approximate duration of the meeting.

Hi [Names],I’d love to share the presentation concerning [topic] with you. Welcome to a conference on [day] at [time]. The approximate time limit is 30 minutes.

Here’s a quick look at the agenda:

[Point 1]

[Point 2] 

[Point 3]

See you!


Quick note: It helps if your communications platform integrates with your email and calendar tool. For example, TrueConf integrates with Outlook to automatically generate a video conference link when you create a meeting invite.

Add TrueConf video conferences to any events in your Outlook calendar

outlook calendar integration

For team meeting

To ensure that everyone in your team is prepared for the meeting, it’s important to include the agenda and key points of discussion in the body of the invitation. 

Hi team, It’s that time again!

This meeting will focus on discussing [subject]. Bring any questions you have and the latest updates, and be ready to consider the following cases:

[Case 1]

[Case 2]

See you then,


Level up your meetings with TrueConf

TrueConf self-hosted video conferencing solution provides unlimited communication in 4K Ultra HD and can automatically send meeting invitations to all participants by email. Such a letter contains an invitation join link, but also a brief description of the upcoming online event. With TrueConf, you can also send emails with information about missed calls and conferences.

Besides, the solution provides integration with Outlook, which is very convenient for users of the Microsoft ecosystem. Thanks to the add-in, you can schedule online meetings directly from a calendar event in one click.

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