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How to create video setup for conferencing during a home meeting?

September 20, 2023
Daria Trut

Daria Trut

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Conferencing during a Home Meeting
Video conferencing has become an integral part of modern life, allowing people to communicate with colleagues from other cities or even countries, as well as to work remotely. However, home meetings are, despite their apparent convenience, quite difficult to hold due to the surrounding conditions. Advance preparation is necessary to participate in an online meeting, which includes organizing a suitable place and using the appropriate equipment to ensure uninterrupted communication with other employees. 

This approach also involves creating a video setup, so that your interlocutors can see you clearly. Even professional streamers prepare for their broadcasts, taking care of their viewers, so we have collected the most essential tips to help you hold a high-quality conference or broadcast. Creating the right video setting is also not an easy task, yet it has become a necessity in the modern world of remote work. In order to thoroughly understand the issue, let’s stop here and discuss it in more detail.

So, what should be taken into account when creating a video setting?

Get an external home webcam

First of all, you should start with selecting the camera that you are going to use for video transmission. Most monitors and business laptops have built-in webcams with poor image quality, which is not suitable for online conferencing or streaming.

The best option would be to pick up a special camera that you can use for professional needs. However, the right choice here largely depends not only on the type of conference you are going to hold, but also on the approximate budget. Therefore, we strongly recommend that you consider all the proposed options and choose the best one for yourself.

Your phone camera

Some video conferencing systems have already provided their users with the opportunity to enjoy all the benefits of their solutions through a phone’s client application. In this case, it makes sense to refer to the capabilities of one’s device. Many smartphone vendors are already producing models that boast a high-quality front-facing camera at an affordable price. An example is the Xiaomi Redmi Note 10S, which is quite inexpensive yet has a 13 MP. At the same time, the front camera transmits video in HD, allowing for home meetings with a comfortable quality. Of course, when choosing a smartphone, you should focus on your own convenience, especially if you plan to use it for more than just work.

It is important to understand that using the phone for video conferencing is suitable, first of all, for those who often go on business trips or move from place to place. Taking a smartphone with you is much easier than constantly transporting a laptop with its hardware. However, this approach is far from a panacea, as not all collaboration tools are available on mobile devices.


The best option, as mentioned above, is to purchase a separate camera specifically for video conferencing. Even budget webcams, such as JLab, are able to significantly improve your virtual communication due to their video transmission capabilities. For example, the JBuds model is capable of broadcasting in Full HD quality, despite its low price.

standalone camera for conference

Nevertheless, we must not forget about the practical side of the issue in addition to the financial aspect. It is best to choose a camera based on one’s needs and the capabilities of the video conferencing solution, as the latter has its own limitations. 

Not all platforms for online communication can boast of high-quality transmission, despite the mainstream trend. Some vendors still provide their users with HD resolution, which, despite its former popularity, leaves much to be desired. For such solutions, simple webcams that have a reasonable price are well-suited.

Mirrorless camera

Not all owners of mirrorless cameras are aware that they can be used for video conferencing via a USB cable. Some brands have already gained popularity among professionals hosting home meetings with business partners. Among the brands, Canon, Nikon, Sony, and Panasonic can be distinguished, despite their association with photo shoots and glossy pictures. The fact is that, although these cameras are not budget-friendly, they enable you to shoot and broadcast video in 4K or even 8K quality.

mirrorless camera

In this case, it all depends on the capabilities of your video conferencing system and computer, which may not have enough resources to support such a resolution.

For example, the Canon EOS M50 Mark II is characterized by high-definition and smooth movements when shooting, allowing you to capture an image in 4K. At the same time, the functionality of the mirrorless camera is not limited only to video conferencing and you can use it for other, in particular, professional needs. This approach will be especially convenient for professional graphic designers, photographers, and designers who work from home.

Use 3-point video call lighting

poor lighting
Light is an important factor not only for high-quality video during an online meeting, but also for any image in general. You may not have paid attention to how exactly cinematographers install lighting fixtures during the filming of scenes in movies, or how similar techniques are reflected in animation. The fact is that 3-point lighting has enabled both amateurs and professionals to create high-quality images for many years.

3 point lighting

We don’t need to delve into the theory, but for understanding, we should generally explain the essence of this method.

Three-point lighting helps to fully display the subject or object in the frame while expending minimal effort. The location of the points directly depends on the type of light involved: key, fill, or backlight. 

The key light is the main light source, typically located to the right or left of the camera at a 45°, and directed at the object at a 45° downwards. This flow is essential for creating the right exposure, highlighting the shapes and sizes of the object, as well as creating the necessary atmosphere in the frame. If you are outside in bright light, you can use the sun as the primary light source. 

The fill light falls on the subject or object at a lateral angle to reduce the shadow created by the main light. Usually, reflectors are used as an indirect source, allowing you to refract the light in the necessary way. Nevertheless, there are also cases when the filling function is performed by natural light in the evening or in cloudy weather. 

Backlight, also known as rim, hair, or shoulder light, is a light shining from behind and separating the object from the background. Here lies a great scope for experimentation, allowing you to emphasize the advantages of the face or conceal the shortcomings. Thanks largely to the illumination, professionals are able to create excellent shots that allow the model’s external data to be revealed as much as possible.

However, let’s return to working from home, which does not require a cinematic level of accuracy in lighting. The best option here would be to use the advice of gaffers, but not to follow it thoroughly. It is better to adjust the light in a way that is convenient for you, considering the geometry of the room and your personal preferences.

Get a wireless mic

In order for your interlocutors to hear you clearly, you need a suitable microphone that meets the needs. One of the most popular types of devices that has already proven its effectiveness many times is wireless. It should be kept in mind that there are many microphones in this category, so not only the characteristics but also the budget become an important criterion.

The most suitable solutions for the home meetings are a headset, a lavalier microphone, and a speakerphone. The fact is that these devices provide complete freedom of action, without limiting the speaker to a specific body position, thus simplifying the communication process. Wireless models also have the advantage of having a longer service life, as they are less likely to break and work for longer periods of time since most malfunctions occur due to wires. 

A wireless headset is a cost-effective option for those who frequently work from home. As previously mentioned, the device does not restrict movement, allowing you to focus fully on online meetings. Most headsets come with a noise-reduction system for their microphones, significantly improving the quality of communication. 

Among the well-established brands, users often distinguish Sony, Logitech, and Jabra. As a rule, these vendors take care of noise reduction, sufficient battery life, and sound quality, which are all important factors to consider when choosing equipment. For example, the Logitech Zone Wireless Plus supports up to 14 hours of active operation and has a connection radius of up to 30 meters.

As for the disadvantages, we can only highlight the personal intolerance of wearing the headset for a long time. Some users complain of headaches after a working day and prolonged wearing of the headset.

The price of a lavalier microphone is usually higher, but the situation is different. This equipment is already considered to be professional, despite its general availability and ubiquity. The main advantages of the lavalier microphone are its miniaturization and the purity of its transmitted sound. At the same time, users often forget that the device is attached to their clothing due to the convenience of interaction.

The most time-tested brands that have gained special respect among professional streamers and bloggers are Sennheiser, Boya, and Rode. When buying, you should pay attention to the device for which a specific microphone model is intended, such as a smartphone or a computer. One of the most popular now is the Sennheiser EW 112P G4, which connects directly to the photo camera.

The disadvantages of using a lavalier microphone include recording crackling and noise if it is not properly attached to clothing. It is necessary to be extremely careful here, as the sound quality greatly depends on the device’s location.

A speakerphone is a device that consists of multiple microphones and is designed for hands-free communication among multiple people. As a rule, it is connected to a video conferencing system or a computer, providing high-quality sound with a minimum of extraneous noise. YeaLink, Jabra, and Plantronics are now some of the most popular and reliable companies. Despite the lack of drawbacks, the cost of speakerphones is quite high, so many users may opt for more cost-effective alternatives.

Apply correct system sound settings

sound settings
Before a video conference, it is necessary to check the sound settings in order to prevent potential issues in advance. Make sure that the equipment for receiving and reproducing audio is ready for operation and in proper working condition. Consider leveraging fixed asset software to streamline the monitoring and maintenance of your audio devices, ensuring optimal performance during your virtual meetings. Don’t forget to also check the connection of devices to the video conferencing solution and the sound volume. If you encounter any problems that you cannot solve on your own, contact an IT specialist and make sure to inform your colleagues of your inability to fully participate in an online meeting.

Furthermore, extraneous noise can cause difficulties, so it must be minimized before the conference begins, or else the participants may not be able to understand your words. Despite the constantly improving noise reduction systems, not every video conferencing solution can successfully cope with this complexity.

Colors for home-made conference Rooms

The best colors for a home online meeting are neutral and pastel shades, as these will not cause irritation or distract from tasks. As a rule, these are beige, white, black, blue, and dark green that fill the frame due to the monochromatic wall behind the participant. That is why many people who mainly work remotely prefer specially organized places for virtual discussions. Nevertheless, not all employees have the opportunity to equip their home office, as it can sometimes be quite expensive.

conference room

In this case, the ability of modern video conferencing platforms to blur or replace the background comes to the rescue, preserving the privacy of the environment. The only disappointing thing is that not all online meeting solutions are equipped with this function. 

Get rid of distraction during meetings

Discussing work issues via video calls requires concentration and the elimination of distractions. At the same time, it is extremely important to take care of the comfort of the upcoming online meeting in advance, thus reducing the chances of any issues. As mentioned above, background noises should not impede your ability to interact with colleagues, so if you do not live alone, be sure to inform your family that you need silence. This point is especially important for those who have children, who may interrupt the discussion at an inopportune moment, thus destroying the working atmosphere. If you don’t use a separate room as a home office, we also strongly recommend that you use headphones.

It is equally important to take care of electronic distractions during a home meeting, such as unnecessary tabs in the browser and extraneous notifications. Ensure that your computer is fully prepared for remote work, especially if you need to share content or display a screen during a video conference. Your computer should be fully prepared for remote work, especially if you need to share content or a screen during a video conference. An unexpected call or annoying messages can also harm remote interactions, causing irritation to the interlocutors.

Use video-conference vendors that let you send and receive HD quality video

A lot of things in a home meeting depend on a video conferencing solution that facilitates interaction between you and your colleagues. If the platform you are using is not capable of maintaining an image quality suitable for collaboration, then the result of communication may be unsatisfactory. Reliable vendors for remote work that can transmit video in HD resolution include, for example, Zoom, Google Meet, and TrueConf. Thanks to their solutions for online meetings, you will be able to comfortably and productively interact with your colleagues, no matter where you are.

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