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Conference Setup for 2024

February 28, 2024
Nikita Dymenko

Nikita Dymenko

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conference setup
Conference rooms seem to be popular anytime. They are used by clients, for group brainstorming sessions and teamwork. Decision-making and innovation are the cornerstones of any organization, whereby a conference space plays a central role. However, establishing such a space that encourages smooth and productive exchange is quite challenging.

We will guide you on how to create an optimal conference room. Our comprehensive tutorial covers various aspects, including equipment selection and creating an atmosphere conducive to innovation. Let’s get into the details!

Why do you need a conference room setup?

Here are five key benefits of a successful conference setup:

Positive Brand Image: A high-quality conference room setup contributes to the formation of a professional image of the organization in front of clients, partners, and stakeholders. A well-equipped room with advanced technology, comfortable chairs and attractive design makes a favorable impression. Even a set of sturdy lockers where conference guests can safely store their possessions can work to your advantage. To enhance brand visibility in a conference room, incorporate the company’s logo prominently on the walls or doors, ensuring it’s easily visible to attendees and captured in any photographs or videos taken during events. Implementing branded custom stationery, such as notepads, pens, and presentation materials, reinforces brand presence throughout meetings. Don’t forget about watermarks on conference screen. For instance, Google strategically integrates its logo and colors into its conference rooms, contributing to its brand recognition, with studies showing a 25% increase in brand recall among attendees exposed to such branding efforts.

Enhanced Attendee Experience: A successful conference setup prioritizes attendee comfort and convenience, offering amenities such as comfortable seating, adequate lighting, and refreshments, leading to higher satisfaction levels and increased engagement. Seamless event registration and ticketing further enhance the attendee experience by providing easy access to information and streamlined entry processes. For example, at a recent industry conference, attendees praised the well-designed conference room equipped with ergonomic furniture and state-of-the-art AV equipment, leading to higher engagement levels and positive feedback about the event experience.

Increased collaboration: Reliable AV equipment, clear meeting structure, and stable internet connections ensure communication runs smoothly. Let’s explore the example of XYZ Corporation. After renovating a conference room with ergonomic furniture and advanced presentation technology, this company’s meetings were 20% shorter and the speed of project completion increased by 15%.

The Main Types of Conference Room Setups

Some workplaces have special rooms for meetings. The way these rooms get set up depends on what the workplace needs. It also depends on what kinds of meetings happen there. Here are the main setups:

Boardroom Setup

A traditional boardroom has one long table at its center and seats surrounding it. This arrangement allows people to have discussions on technicalities while facing each other in meetings that involve a limited number of important officials.

Boardroom Setup

Theater Style Setup

On this occasion, chairs are arranged towards the stage (podium) in rows. It suits situations where there is a need to address a large audience through presentations or lectures when attention from listeners should be shifted to the speaker or presenter.

Theater Style Setup

Classroom Setup

The classroom layout resembles a traditional school setting, with tables and chairs aligned in rows facing the front. Participants have designated workspaces that enable active engagement in learning activities. In the IT industry, classroom setups are often customized to support technical training and enhance skill acquisition.

Classroom Setup

U-Shape Setup

It is not hard to guess that in this configuration, the conference tables are arranged in a U-shape and chairs are arranged on the outer sides of the tables. Such a setup follows the idea that a speaker is separated from the audience. This arrangement takes up more space than the square and conference arrangement.
U-Shape Setup

Hollow Square Setup

In this setup, the tables are arranged in a rectangular shape with an open space in the center. This arrangement facilitated group discussions, allowing team members to share opinions, problem-solve, and strategize collectively, which promoted teamwork and problem-solving abilities necessary for project success.

Hollow Square Setup

Cluster Setup

Small tables or groups of chairs are placed around the room, creating several breakout areas. For example, this can come in handy during brainstorming sessions when you need to move quickly and work in small groups to hear everyone’s opinions.

Cluster Setup

Key Considerations in Your Video Conferencing Setup

When it comes to the organization of video meetings, here are a few things to check first:


A high-quality conference room camera should possess features such as high-definition resolution, wide-angle lens capability, and autofocus functionality to capture crisp and detailed images of all attendees. Pan-tilt-zoom (PTZ) cameras offer flexibility in adjusting the viewing angle and zoom level, ensuring that remote participants can see and engage with the meeting effectively. Additionally, advanced camera models may incorporate intelligent features like facial recognition and automatic framing to enhance the user experience further.


common video conferencing problems

In the conference room, several aspects including range of pickup, ability to cancel noise and ease in fixing must be factored in while selecting appropriate microphones. So as to have excellent sound that cancels echo and background noise, boundary microphones placed on the conference table should pick up voices evenly around the room.
Alternatively, ceiling-mounted or wireless microphones offer flexibility in capturing audio from different areas of the room. Advanced microphone arrays with beam-forming technology can further enhance audio quality by focusing on the speaker’s voice while suppressing ambient noise.


Key factors for good speakers include sound quality, coverage area and compatibility with audio conferencing systems. The utilization of high-fidelity speakers that have clear sound reproduction will guarantee that all participants can hear one another accurately and clearly. Furthermore, the incorporation of noise cancellation and echo suppression in advanced audio processing technologies enhance the experience by minimizing background noise.

Display Screens

Display screens serve as an important platform for sharing presentations, documents and video content. Plus to increase involvement and perception ensuring clear details of content and bright colors it is crucial to use big-size displays or projectors with good resolution, brightness and contrast. Furthermore, interactive touch screens add even more flexibility by enabling participants to annotate documents or quickly move through the presentation. Also, consider using a free AI presentation maker to create compelling slides that will have your audience engaged throughout the whole time.

Internet Connection

In such cases like when a business is operating a video conferencing platform or using file sharing, one needs a fast speed stable internet connection with no delays. In this case, a dedicated Internet connection that has sufficient bandwidth will be required to ensure simultaneous access by multiple users to resource-intensive applications.
In addition, using wired Ethernet connections, not just Wi-Fi, can help reduce potential connectivity issues and ensure consistent performance, especially in environments with heavy network traffic or interference.

Video Conferencing Software

Without a modernized reliable video conferencing system, advanced virtual collaboration between distant participants is impossible. It promotes connectivity by facilitating high-definition video and audio interactions in order to bridge geographical gaps, thereby enabling efficient remote participation in meetings.

TrueConf Room solution encompasses fully integrated all-in-one video conferencing solutions designed specifically for meeting rooms and conference halls, featuring intuitive controls, HD video quality, conference streaming, advanced layout management, and compatibility with different equipment.

TrueConf Room

PC-based solution for hosting 4K video conferencing in meeting rooms and conference halls. Easy to install and scale on an available AV peripheral!



TrueConf Room

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