When Video Conferencing, TNT-Broadcasting Network Chooses Phoenix Products For High Quality Audio

Alina Krukova
February 5, 2016
Alina Krukova

Headquartered in Moscow, the Russian brand name of TNT-Broadcasting Network, TNT (or THT) uses Phoenix Audio Technologies products at its corporate offices for executive meetings and video conference calls.

The Challenge

logo_tntAs one of Russia’s top five federal television networks, TNT executives are in and out of meetings all day. Aside from routine meetings, many of these important calls are conducted via video conferencing. For this reason, the TNT offices were in urgent need of a high-quality audio solution to accommodate these sessions. It tested many speakerphone solutions, including those manufactured by Jabra and Plantronics. The network also tried microphones and separate speakers by various other vendors. Unfortunately, the results left much to be desired. The equipment proved to be difficult to use, and the sound quality was very low.

The Fix

Quattro31Amidst the search for a permanent conferencing solution, TNT came across Phoenix Audio Technologies. It tested the Phoenix products with video conferencing applications, such as Skype and TrueConf. The network saw outstanding results in terms of ease of connection, sound capture range, loud speakers, and echo cancellation abilities. TNT now use the Quattro3 series of speakerphones (Models: MT301 and MT304), as these units work best within its conference room environment.

The Value

It is imperative that large companies, like TNT, are equipped with the right tools for making those important business decisions. When most of the corporate meetings conducted around the world occur via video conferencing, much of the success rides on having your key points heard and properly received. The only way to ensure your points are coming across clearly is with high quality audio technology and an effective video conferencing application. With the combination of Phoenix Audio devices and conferencing applications, such as TrueConf, the broadcasting network’s employees now feel more comfortable and confident while video conferencing. This is largely due the simplicity of setup for each call. As a result, corporate communication has risen to a new level.