Our company said that VP8 surpasses best H.264 video codecs

Alina Krukova
June 28, 2010
Alina Krukova
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Our company will implement support of VP8 video codec in all of its video conferencing products.

Having conducted numerous tests our specialists have come to the conclusion that VP8 perfectly tackles specific video conferencing tasks. This has especially well been manifested on high bit rates where VP8 has surpassed the best codecs of the H.264 standard.

The results of the tests have convinced us to introduce the VP8 codec into our products as a default video for high bandwidth Internet connections.

Nevertheless, the Cyclon™ codec (our own proprietary codec) will still be used on the channels with unreliable bandwidth, on low resolutions and in cases when there is a lack of CPU power on the client PCs, as it has been specifically designed and develops as a business-quality codec for usual and often low-speed channels.

The VP8 codec has been designed by the On2 Technologies which was bought by the Google Company in the beginning of 2010. After that Google has made public the codec’s sources and has suggested using it in the HTML5 standard for video playback.