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Videoconferencing Systems

September 19, 2013
Alina Krukova

Alina Krukova

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In this article we will explain what can the videoconferencing systems be, their basic types, advantages and disadvantages. In fact, videoconferencing (VC) is a technology that allows to transmit audio and video data streams in real time. Basically, all VC systems can be divided into hardware and software-based. Each of these, in its turn, is divided into a variety of other subtypes. To avoid confusion, let’s take a closer look at this, in our opinion, rather interesting theme.

Hardware Videoconferencing Systems

TrueConf Terminal - Hardware Room System Hardware system are mainly built based on standardized audio and video coding, thus, the users of different videoconferencing systems that use the same codec, can easily communicate with each other.

Perhaps at this point you may be wondering about what the hardware codecs are, because we all slicked to using such expressions like: “download codecs”, “install codecs”.

Hardware codec is a special chip that converts the signal according to an algorithm set, i.e., a hybrid of hardware and software.

Codecs are often used, for example, in equipping telepresence rooms (a complex integrated technology for videoconferencing sessions, which provides the maximum possible effect of the participants’ presence in the same room). Such systems include high-quality videoconferencing equipment with a special illumination, special furniture and much, much more. Nowadays, such systems are the most expensive.

However, we have developed a fairly more affordable software-hardware complex — TrueConf Terminal.

Software Videoconferencing Systems

TrueConf ServerYou might be surprised, but the average computer or laptop easily and quickly turns into a videoconferencing system when appropriate software is installed. For this purpose we have a flexible and versatile solution — the TrueConf Server.

In software-based videoconferencing systems, a client-server technology is generally used, that is a software server that provides the work of a videoconferencing system. Our video bridge works by a similar scheme.

Which of its features worth noting? First of all, an opportunity to gather up to 250 users in a single conference in high quality (and our Enterprise solution support even more users), with different videoconferencing modes.

As a result, you get: a standard PC hardware + TrueConf Server = a ready videoconferencing system, tens times cheaper than the hardware one!

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