TrueConf Weathervane 4 Update: Command-Line Control and BOSCH Digital Conference Systems Support

Arsen Martirosyan
November 16, 2018
Arsen Martirosyan

Meet TrueConf Weathervane 4, a software system for large conference & meeting rooms designed to work with multiple PTZ cameras.

We are happy to announce that BOSCH conference systems have been added to the list of supported devices. Additionally, from now on you can launch PTZ camera presets from the command line. The new feature adds new possibilities for integration of third-parties solutions with TrueConf Weathervane 4.

BOSCH Integration

Previously, TrueConf Weathervane added support for Sennheiser, Shure, Beyerdynamic and BKR Audio conference systems. The new version is integrated with BOSCH CCS-1000 digital discussion system and BOSCH DICENTIS wireless conference system.

BOSCH CCS-1000 is a compact discussion system for medium size conference rooms. Built‑in digital acoustic feedback suppression ensures quality speech intelligibility. Besides, this system supports conference recording in .MP3. The files are saved to its internal storage or external USB drive.

BOSCH DICENTIS is a wireless conference system that operates over ordinary Wi-Fi channel according to IEEE 802.11n standard and operates at 2.4 and 5 HHz frequencies allowing automatic connection of microphone consoles. BOSCH solution transmits data via WPA wireless technology and secures conference safety. Smart wireless management ensures interference-free and highly flexible wireless conferencing.

TrueConf has tested the BOSCH CCS-1000 and BOSCH DICENTIS to ensure seamless interoperability with TrueConf Weathervane. BOSCH conference systems are officially recommended for use with TrueConf software in medium and large conference rooms.

Launch PTZ cameras presets from the command line

TrueConf Weathervane support presets control from third-party command-line applications. Users can now activate and configure PTZ camera presets from the command line. This function will operate correctly even if TrueConf Weathervane hasn’t been started. To try the new feature, start the program using “-preset” or “-p” parameter and preset number. For example: “C:\Program Files (x86)\TrueConf\WeatherVane> Weathervane.exe -p 3”.

This approach will allow to expand integration possibilities of TrueConf Weathervane with AV manufacturers. Additionally, new update allows managing TrueConf Weathervane from third-party applications.

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