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TrueConf Weathervane 3.0: Support for Shure Conference System

August 14, 2018
Alina Krukova

Alina Krukova

We are happy to introduce TrueConf Weathervane 3.0, a new version of our software system for large conference & meeting rooms designed to work with multiple PTZ cameras.

TrueConf Weathervane 3.0 - support for Shure

TrueConf Weathervane 3.0 supports the Shure DDS 5900 digital discussion system, contains a number of interface improvements and provides users with a more informative notification system designed to make our solution even more convenient to use.

Our solution adds integration with DIS-CCU-E, a central unit of the DDS 5900 digital discussion system by Shure, an American audio products corporation.

Shure DDS 5900 is a fully digital conference system that offers all the features necessary for small to medium-sized conference rooms.

The DIS-CCU-E unit, now compatible with TrueConf Weathervane 3.0, supports up to 250 microphone consoles and 32 interpreter consoles. In addition, the unit is equipped with an audio matrix for 8 analog audio outputs to connect to video conferencing systems, recording equipment, Digital IR Audio Distribution System (DIR), and two analogue audio inputs for external sources. DDS 5900 has a GUI interface to set up system parameters easily.

“By integrating the Shure DDS 5900 with TrueConf Weathervane, we solve a relevant task in the modern AV world. Our collaboration provides users with the best possible conference system to deliver high-quality audio and an easy-to-use multiple PTZ camera auto tracking system.”

— Vasiliy Yermachkov, Applications Engineer Shure REE

The Shure equipment has been tested and recommended by TrueConf team to operate with a new version of TrueConf Weathervane. Thanks to compatibility of the solutions, conference participants can enjoy seamless communication and completely secured audio transmission.

In previous versions of TrueConf Weathervane, our developers supported integration with BKR Audio and Sennheiser ADN conference systems. By making TrueConf Weathervane compatible with popular AV products, our users can give up on expensive hardware control systems and reduce costs for equipping large meeting rooms.
Stay tuned!

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