TrueConf Showcases 3D Video Conferencing at Integrated Systems Europe 2015

Alina Krukova
February 12, 2015
Alina Krukova

For the second time in a row TrueConf showcases its flagship projects at Integrated Systems Europe, the largest international IT and AV exhibition with 10 years of history and over 50 000 visitors.

This year at Integrated Systems Europe TrueConf demoed a prototype for 3D video communication. The solution is built on a specialized software by TrueConf and a Cinema 3D screen by LG.

TrueConf’s new technology allows users to capture, compress, playback and transfer HD stereoscopic images in any networks, including the Internet. All that it takes to conduct a completely 3D conference is a stereoscopic screen, and a 3D camera connected to TrueConf endpoint. The demo was shown using LG polarized screen and Magicam SD 30 stereoscopic camera by AEE.

Aside from the 3D video conferencing, TrueConf showcased its other products:

    • UltraHD (4K) multipoint video conferencing on Flipbox interactive display by Polymedia.
    • The performance of free VC server TrueConf Server Free.
    • A full range of TrueConf video conferencing & collaboration solutions for Windows, Linux, OS X, iOS, Android и WebRTC.

Once again TrueConf has proven its reputation of the video conferencing field’s innovator. 3D technologies in video conferencing allow to extend its field of application: from science and engineering to showbiz and entertainment. All the participants of Integrated Systems Europe had a chance to see everything live at our booth 9-A102.

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