TrueConf Server Supports Video Conferences with 25 Simultaneous Participants

Alina Krukova
May 26, 2015
Alina Krukova
Categories: News TrueConf Server

25 on 25 multipoint video conferenceWe have supported video conferences with up to 25 simultaneous participants! After the release of TrueConf Server 4.3.1 users got an ability to increase the number of simultaneous on-screen participants from 16 to25 in a single group conference. During such conference all the participants can interact with each other simultaneously and use such collaboration tools as Instant Messaging, Desktop Sharing, Slideshow and Recording.

In the last six months we have supported this feature on all our client applications and now we have made it available for the users of our video conferencing server. 25 on-screen users is the highest number among all the SVC-based software video conferencing systems on the market.

The new feature is available for users of all popular TrueConf client applications for Windows, Linux, and OS X. In client applications for mobile devices, TrueConf for iOS and TrueConf for Android, the number of visible participants is defined automatically based on the device’s performance and is limited to 9 participants on screen.

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