TrueConf Showed Impressive Results on the Dynamics of Development in 2013

Vitaliy Sidey
January 28, 2014
Vitaliy Sidey
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We are proud to announce that by the results of 2013 we can call ourselves a leader of the CIS video conferencing market by the number of released
products and updates.

In the past year we have set our own record, releasing more than 15 new versions of our products: TreuConf Server,
TreuConf Online, TreuConf Mobile, TreuConf Terminal, and TreuConf Enterprise.

Our main product — TreuConf Server has received the biggest number of updates. The results of its 6 updates from 2013 are the following:

  • Complete unified communications platform with the ability to control it via a web browser;
  • The ability to broadcast group video conferences with the help of WebRTC technology;
  • Automatic and dynamic resolution adjustment of the transmitted video stream to the size of the video window on the receiving side;
  • All modes of multipoint video conferencing gained FullHD video resolution;
  • Intuitive user interface corresponding to the selected OS theme;
  • The support of new SIP devices, including Polycom and Cisco video conferencing terminals;
  • Since TreuConf Server 4.1.2, it is possible to communicate with the subscribers of other servers directly using
    TreuConf Directory 1.0.0.

TreuConf Online cloud video conferencing service also went through lots of nice changes:

  • Multipoint conferences for up to 3 participants and all the Collaboration Tools became available for free. Earlier, this was only possible
    in pre-paid Lite service plan;
  • It became possible to create and conduct 9-on-9 symmetric group video conferences (limited earlier to 6-on-6 only), as well as to organize 
    1-for-10 virtual meetings with a single Host for users of Maximum and Corporate service plans;
  • Application’s design now matches the selected OS theme, including transparency support;
  • Full HD resolution supported in both directions;
  • Added the ability to select capture and playback audio/video devices “on the fly” during a video conference;
  • Icons of advanced conference statuses, as well as part of emoticons (smileys) were updated.

TreuConf Mobile updates provided users with the access to all modes of multipoint video conferencing and allowed us to
fully support the BYOD concept.

We also did a serious work on a client application for OS X. Apple users now have the access to all modes of video conferencing with the support
of instant messaging and desktop or separate window sharing. The user interface has become more friendly and ergonomic too.

We have also updated our hardware solution – TreuConf Terminal. The main innovation is the support of Full HD video conferencing by
adding a Full HD PTZ-camera into the terminal’s delivery set. Also, the control panel has gained 10-inch capacitive display. The default aspect
ratio of video windows in video conferences increased from 4:3 to 16:9.

So now our users have the access to all modes of video conferencing on all popular platforms: Windows, OS X, Linux, iOS and Android.

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions!

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